AdBlock Plus for Android (no root needed)

    Version 1.0 is available for download in the market (you need Android 2.1 and older). The application successfully cuts ads displayed both on the web and in applications.

    This should please users, but developers who offer free applications with little advertising are unlikely.

    Setting up the application is not very complicated, almost everything can be configured immediately at the first start.

    There are 3 main modes of operation:

    1) You have a rooted device. It will be possible to filter traffic both when connected to WiFi and to a mobile network.

    2) No root (3.1 and higher). So, there is no possibility to filter mobile traffic either, only WiFi.

    3) No root (3.0 and below). The application must be manually configured as a proxy server. If your device, in principle, does not support the installation of a proxy, then the application can not download.

    Yes, you can still download apk itself.


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