Insurgent Games makes all games free and translates to Open Source

    Insurgent Games has published the source code for all Android and iOS games on Github, and now any developer can use this code in their own projects. The games themselves on the Android Market and iOS App Store are now free.

    Studio Insurgent Games was founded in 2009 by two developers from San Francisco. For several years they were happy to do what they liked and create wonderful games. But over the past time, the guys realized: to make good money selling mobile applications, you need not only talent, but also great luck. They never managed to reach a level of earnings sufficient to pay for a rented apartment in San Francisco.

    So friends decided to do other projects: one went to work at EFF, and the second went to freelance as a designer. To finally break with the past, they put the two-year work into the public domain under the GNU GPL. Probably, this decision was made not without the influence of the one who left for EFF.

    Puzzle Skeleton Key .

    Android: Cryptose

    cryptographic puzzles where you can play as a detective , hacker or spy (first, second and third screenshots, respectively). iOS, Android: Arcade Aeropack with 30 levels, the player runs, climbs and flies in order to collect all the green emeralds. iOS: teh internets

    : a strange arcade with unusual objects (unpleasant pop-ups; ordinary trolls that decrease if they are fed; merciless trolls that increase if they are fed; viruses; firewalls, etc.).


    Educational game Alphabet Blocks for children to learn the alphabet and numbers.


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