Windows family turns 27

    Today, Windows marks a rather significant event - this family of operating systems has turned 27 years old. The first version of this OS was released on November 21, 1985. Then the history of Microsoft was just beginning. Here's a promotional video of those times where you can see the young Steve Ballmer.

    It is clear that the system requirements of Windows 1.0 were just ridiculous, by modern standards. For example, for normal operation of this operating system, 256 KB of RAM was sufficient. A distribution of Windows 1.0 fit on just two floppy disks. However, already at that time, for the normal operation of Windows, a graphics adapter was required. And yes, then Windows was still not like Windows, so to speak. Familiar and recognizable interface elements were added in subsequent versions of the OS.

    It is also worth noting that Windows 1.0 has not become very popular. And the second version also did not differ in demand. But Windows 3.0 and NT are already widespread thanks to new "features" and functions. But, of course, Windows 95 got the most popularity, after which the victorious march of the Windows family began at offices, educational institutions and users' homes. There were unsuccessful moments, but still more successful ones. According to analytics firm Net Applications, about 70% of computers worldwide are running Windows.

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