Key Trends in Mobile Commerce in Europe

    Mobile commerce is becoming increasingly important in Europe - a continent where mobile devices are more common than anywhere else in the world. The volume of online purchases via smartphones and tablets doubled in 2015 compared to 2014. Now their share is approaching 25%.

    Twenga has analyzed traffic data from smartphones, tablets and computers from more than 4,000 sellers in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands to identify current consumer trends.

    It is becoming clear that mobile commerce is playing an increasingly important role. And after Google announced that mobile-friendly sites will be tagged and ranked higher in search results for mobile users, it is important for online sellers to pay even more attention to this.

    You can configure payment acceptance from mobile users through our Pay-Mobile solution , it allows you to accept payments through any device that has the ability to enter card data and access the Internet. And for the iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms, SDKs are developed for instant integration.

    The highest mobile device penetration rate in the world

    Europe has the highest penetration rate of mobile devices in the world. In Central and Eastern Europe, it is 151%, in Western - 129%. While in North America (101%) or East Asia (92%). These numbers confirm that mobile commerce has high potential, and we need to adapt to this trend.


    Smartphone is the most popular mobile device

    In general, speaking of mobile devices for shopping on the Internet, a smartphone is the most popular device in Europe. Only in the Netherlands the share of purchases from tablets (59%) is higher than from smartphones.


    The study also shows that consumers from the UK buy through smartphones and tablets the most. At least among the countries of Europe that the authors of the study studied. Germany and Spain were in 2nd and 3rd places. France, although it has the third largest e-commerce market in Europe, takes only 6th place.


    In the Russian market for online sales, the situation is somewhat different. Last year, the total share of mobile users with Internet access (and using it) from a phone or smartphone / tablet amounted to 59%. Of these, 17% used their mobile devices to shop on the Internet, 9% paid for the order exclusively from a smartphone and / or tablet. But most often smartphones and tablets were used to choose a future purchase - in 30% of cases. Such data are published in the DATA Insight report .

    The most popular payment tool in Russia is still a personal computer (laptop). However, you should not think that mobile commerce in our country has no prospects. In general, the situation on the Russian market is quite positive. Mobile payments are currently the fastest growing segment. So, for the first half of 2015, their turnover, according to J'son & Partners Consulting, exceeded 120 billion rubles. For comparison: the total volume of the mobile payments market for the whole of 2014 amounted to about 190 billion rubles. By 2019, the market turnover is expected to exceed 850 billion rubles with an average annual growth rate of about 29%.

    The share of smartphone penetration in Russia in 2015 increased by seven percent compared to last year and amounted to73%, but the penetration of tablets in Russia has already reached the global level — 1 tablet for every 5 smartphones.

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