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    Little security droid a Jedi must not neglect * * The Jedi should not neglect the security droid.

    In the last article, we promised to talk about the new security gadget of the Gyurz-Gyurz series. TRIO, which, unlike other products of the line, is aimed at the consumer segment.

    Gyurza.TRIO is a mobile multi-purpose security detector with four detection detectors operating on different principles. It allows you to protect both individual objects and entire premises.

    According to the documentation of Gyurza. TRIO allows you to:

    • Protect safes, cabinets, windows, doors, walls, floors, ceilings, any individual items.
    • Protect the volume of premises and local volume zones ranging in size from one to tens of cubic meters.
    • Detect drift near the detector of steel knives, pistols, telephones and other ferromagnetic products.

    I was lucky to try the device myself at work, and very soon I will tell about my impressions. In the meantime, I’ll talk about the system’s device: The

    heart of the device is the same highly sensitive amplifier, which we talked about in our first article. But in this device, it detects signals from 4 sensors already:

    1. Piezosensor (detector of small movements and vibrations). Detects small vibrations and movements (0.2 microns). Allows you to protect items on tables and floors.
    2. Detector of weak electrostatic field . Detects a change in the external electric field from moving to a person’s room. Allows you to protect the volume of premises and local volume zones;
    3. Low magnetic field detector (metal detector). It detects changes in the magnetic field of the earth from moving ferromagnetic objects: steel knives, pistols, telephones and other ferromagnetic products;
    4. IR sensor (light detector). Detects a change in the lighting in the room. Allows you to protect the volume of the premises.

    With a small deformation, vibration, change in illumination or electrostatic field, only a unit of elementary charges will come from the sensors, but the unique circuit of the charge amplifier allows even them to be detected. Each detector can be turned on separately or combined with any other.

    This is the droid you're looking for! *
    * This is the droid you are looking for!

    Magnetic field detector

    A magnetic field detector is also a fairly useful feature. With it, you can use the device as a portable metal detector. When turning on this sensor, it is impossible to carry a large bunch of keys near the TRIO. Accordingly, if you put the detector near the entrance, you will not be able to quietly go into the room with a gun or knife (let's omit the Liberator option).


    The most impressive, in my opinion, in TRIO is the processing of the piezosensor signal. The next series of experiments we conducted only with the piezosensor turned on, all other detectors were turned off.

    We put the device on a metal safe and turned on the security mode. The sensitivity of the system is such that any touch on the safe immediately triggered an alarm.

    We put a massive metal podium on the TRIO, and on it a regular paper business card. Then began the competition for "stealing a business card." Sometimes it seemed that if you do everything very carefully, a business card can be “pulled” unnoticed by the system. But she always worked.

    The next experiment was that we put the TRIO on the cabinet, and leaned the antenna, which has the greatest sensitivity, against the wall. After arming the system, any movement in the room even at a distance of about three to four meters from the device led to an alarm. More precisely, for this it was not even necessary to move, it was enough to transfer the weight from one leg to another, and deformation in a few fractions of a micron was transmitted through the floor and wall, causing an alarm.

    The room in which we tested the device is an ordinary room in a building made of reinforced concrete with reinforced concrete floors. If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would have reacted to such a story with a fair amount of skepticism.

    There were no false positives. That is, if they did not touch the safe, they did not try to pick up a business card from the podium and people stood motionless in the corresponding experiments, we did not receive a single false alarm.

    This little droid ... I've never seen such devotion in a droid before. *
    * This little droid ... I've never seen
    such a loyal droid before

    Electrostatic Field Sensor

    The electrostatic field sensor does not allow to approach the system closer than a couple of meters. The human body always has some static charge, the change of which leads to an alarm. We also tested this sensor with the rest turned off.

    IR sensor

    When a person (or another massive object with a temperature higher than the background temperature) appears, the voltage increases at the output of the IR sensor. And thanks to the use of its unique charge amplifier , Skizel can detect its slightest changes. As a result, the use of this detection system is also very effective. We put the TRIO in a small utility room without windows, and left the front door open. Movements from the outside invariably led to an alarm.


    TRIO is suitable for everyone who needs to organize the protection of premises or individual items in a room in a short time. In order to configure the system any special skills are not needed - everything is very simple. This is the only security system in the world that can be installed and put into operation in 15 seconds. Therefore, it is quite fair to call it not a security system, but a "security gadget." Not at all diminishing its manufacturability, but rather emphasizing its accessibility and ease of use.


    All videos have a demonstration prototype with external displays. This is the very first revision of the device and SKIZEL specialists are actively working on reducing the size of the TRIO and a less "industrial" design. From myself, I hope that in the end it will look something like this:

    Bonus video:

    Micro displacement sensor. Security group of cabinets.

    May the Force be with you!

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