AWS Marketplace: New Big Data Category


    Amazon Web Services, the market leader in cloud computing, in addition to its Elastic MapReduce service, which processes large volumes of data using the technology of the same name, has released a new section of its store. This section is called Big Data .

    There are several types of products in the Big Data category on the AWS Marketplace. The first type is databases and that’s all that is connected with them:
    • Acunu Reflex - Apache Cassandra NoSQL database.
    • Couchbase - Community and enterprise editions NoSQL.
    • MongoDB - NoSQL database with and without EBS RAID storage.
    • ScaleArc - MySQL load balancing.
    • HANA One - In-memory real time data analysis.

    The software for processing large amounts of data is represented by the following programs:
    • MapR M5 - Optimized Apache Hadoop distribution.
    • TreasureData - Hadoop based cloud data warehousing.
    • Metamarkets - Event based data processing.
    • Quantivo - Data association analytics.
    • KarmaSphere - Analytics workspace for Amazon Elastic MapReduce.

    At AWS Marketplace, you can purchase (or take for free) images with preinstalled software.

    Do you use any of the above software? MongoDB and Couchbase are pretty big names, but something else? Who is processing Big Data in the clouds?

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