Closing Wave Provider DC ++

    Against the background of the ongoing story with the launch of the " Unified Register of Prohibited Sites ", other interesting events are developing.
    Several Internet service providers in November suddenly stopped providing file-sharing services on intra-home networks based on the DC ++ protocol . Providers initially closed these services supposedly for “prevention”, and after a short time they announced their complete closure in order to comply with the law “ On the Protection of Children from Prohibited Information ” and posted on their sites approximately the following announcements:

    Dear subscribers!
    In accordance with the requirements of the law “On the Protection of Children from Prohibited Information,” we regret to inform you of the completion of support for the DC ++ file-sharing service on the Formula Svyazi local network.
    The folders of your computers open for file exchange may contain information that is prohibited from distribution by current legislation. In order to avoid committing offenses, we exclude the possibility of exchanging files via DC ++ in the “Formula Svyazi” network.
    Currently, such restrictions are introduced by all Internet providers in the Russian Federation. Hope for your understanding.

    1. “Communication Formula” ,
    2. “Green Point”
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    Naturally, the situation itself, as well as the pretext under which this is done, caused a storm of user indignation on the forums of providers.

    Themed gif-animation, 11mb
    The name of the film is forgotten, remind?
    Thank you, in the comments, the abrausers said that this is the "Earth Core"

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