Wordpress.com started accepting bitcoins

    WordPress.com is one of the most popular hosting platforms, which takes 20th place in the ranking of the largest Internet sites Alexa top 100, and whose services are used by 56 million blogs, now accepts bitcoins. The basic services of WordPress.com are free, and by paying, you can get rid of advertising or use a custom design. Traditional payment systems have many limitations, for example, PayPal is not available from more than 60 countries, many payment cards also do not work everywhere. This runs counter to the company's mission - to provide a platform for publication to all comers, without any restrictions.

    By its nature, Bitcoin does not allow blocking payments - everyone can use an anonymous currency. Payment Processing Provides BitPay. WordPress.com seeks to simplify and speed up payments as much as possible, therefore, payment is made instantly, without waiting for confirmation from the Bitcoin network. In addition, despite the fact that Bitcoin does not have a refund mechanism, WordPress guarantees a refund on its own.

    The Bitcoin exchange rate has been around 10-12 dollars for about four months now. It seems that crazy leaps (last June the rate jumped above $ 30, and fell to 2 - 3 by the fall) already in the past, and now, finally, cryptocurrency is starting to be used for its intended purpose, and not for speculation.

    Source - WordPress.com Blog

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