Why did Stanford University change the logo?

    Stanford University, which gave the IT world many geniuses who created Google, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard and other successful technology companies, officially announced the change of logo.

    Logo before and after the change:


    According to Business Insider , University spokeswoman Lisa Lapin explained this for several reasons.

    Firstly, the old logo is not suitable for the digital era. It was created for distribution in print and static form. The font in it is too thin and elegant - the logo was poorly visible on web pages, and also poorly suited to the screen of mobile devices.

    Secondly, there was the problem of licensing the Sabon fontused in the old logo. The university had to pay royalties every time it was necessary to use the icon in a new place.

    To create a new logo, the university hired the design company Bright . They spent time studying the architecture of university buildings, and eventually created a font that reflects this architecture, and especially the arches of the main building.

    Thus, Stanford now has its own unique font for the logo, which they can use without having to pay royalties. The press center will also start using new open-source fonts in online communications and printing: Source Sans Pro and Crimson Text.

    PS: Neither the university emblem with the tree and the big S, nor its seal has changed.

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