Piping hot. The hottest news from KYOCERA Document Solutions

    I want to briefly share with you the hottest news about the release of a new line of printers.
    KYOCERA Document Solutions

    Yesterday, November 13, KYOCERA Document Solutions Russia officially introduced a
    new line of printers - the FS-2100D, FS-2100DN, FS-4100DN, FS-4200DN, FS-4300DN,
    which can rightly be called the top of laser printing in its classroom.

    The new KYOCERA family of printers has significantly lower average power consumption
    than other devices of this class, and the FS-4300DN with a print speed of up to 60 pages per minute
    has a lower average power consumption than competitors with speed
    print 40 pages per minute. Reducing energy consumption provides not only lower
    costs, but also lower CO2 emissions.

    The new drum with a print resource of up to 500,000 pages, designed for a service life of up to 50 times longer
    than the drums of competing devices, represents the next stage in the development of
    KYOCERA ECOSYS technology , which has become synonymous with durability. Using long
    -life components as standard provides KYOCERA printers with the lowest cost
    per page, which is a significant factor when printing large volumes of documentation.

    Printing some documents requires extra security because access
    confidential information can only be obtained by authorized persons. For this reason,
    all printers of the new KYOCERA family support secure
    printing as standard . Even greater security is provided by the additional possibility of identification using
    electronic cards.

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