Competition for developers: integrate the application with Evernote and delight the first users of premium subscriptions

    As you may know, we have an open and free API for integrating the Evernote service with applications of other developers. Thousands of people and companies are already using it to expand the functionality of their products. We want more and more such products. Therefore, yesterday at Wowzapp 2012 we announced a new competition for developers.

    As part of the competition, we propose creating an application or service for any mobile and desktop platforms of your choice. The main thing is that the product should use the Evernote Cloud API in its work .

    We will consider your applications within a month - from November 11 to December 11 inclusive.

    What we are ready to provide to our partners, whose products we find useful and interesting for Evernote users:

    • access to 40+ million service users and global prospects for your product;
    • ready-made external information storage for your application with the ability to synchronize between all key platforms, handwriting and printed text recognition technology in photographs and scans, and other features;
    • active marketing and PR support for the launch and further promotion of the product, including the announcement on our social platforms and in the blog, working with journalists, in-app banners, etc .;
    • Presentation in the Evernote Gallery , a catalog of selected partner solutions from around the world, access to which is available both on the site and in Evernote desktop applications;
    • and of course a prize. Evernote will provide 100 quarterly Evernote premium subscriptions that you can use to promote your application, for example, giving them to the first hundred users or having a draw. For our part, we will also support this PR campaign.

    What we will pay attention to when considering affiliate applications:
    • on the quality of application implementation: appearance and performance;
    • on the functionality of the application, its relevance to users;
    • to the extent of integration with Evernote: the application can simply send information to our service, or it can upload it, create new notebooks, use recognition technology, etc.

    We will try to advise you on any related issues (both technical and organizational).

    Send your entries to:

    We will announce the results of the developers' competition after December 15

    Evernote API presentation and Wowzapp contest announcement

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