MasterCard payment cards with display and keyboard

    To protect Internet banking applications with one-time passwords, they usually use a phone or a special hardware token. The Swiss company NаgraID together with MasterCard begins to introduce cards with a display and keyboard, thanks to which it is possible to implement a one-time password mechanism without additional devices. In addition to the chip and magnetic tape, such a card has a 12-line numeric keypad and a small liquid crystal display.

    The display and keyboard can be used not only to enter passwords, but also to view the card balance, limits, transaction history, actually turning the card into a small bank terminal. The first such card was introduced in June 2010. Since then, several European and Asian banks have already launched pilot programs to introduce such cards.

    UPD: In Russia, such cards are issued by Avangard Bank . Thanks to the demin habrayuzer for the link.

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