Lecture by director Gary Hustvita on crowdfunding

    The American director Gary Hastvit arrives in Moscow - carries his films and a lecture about crowdfunding. Take part - the inventor of a special genre of films for design geeks, who created the design trilogy, which includes the legendary “Helvetica”, as well as the films “Objectified” and “Urbanized”, and one of the pioneers of crowdfunding. He successfully raised money for almost all of his projects on Kickstarter.


    Gary's favorite objects are his MacBook Pro and iPhone, without which he cannot imagine a single day of his life. He believes that designers are people who solve problems, because they are trying to improve the world and make its objects more convenient. The films that he made changed his view of the world, and now he will think twice before buying anything. And, finally, the main idea of ​​his work is to carefully consider things that we take for granted in everyday life, and thereby change people's judgment about them.
    The Beat Film Festival documentary festival team, in partnership with Planeta.ru, is organizing a screening of Gary Hustvit's films and his lecture on crowdfunding - on his principles and personal experience. The lecture will be held on Monday, November 19 at 19.00 in the Lecture Hall of the Polytechnic Museum.
    The lecture will be free, but a small amount is needed to cover part of the costs of Hostvit’s arrival and equipment rental for simultaneous interpretation, which the organizers collect using a crowdfunding project , deciding that this is a good practice before a portion of the theory.

    UPD:The organizers report that, during the lecture, Hostyst will call Brooklyn to his colleague and friend Charles Adler, co-founder of Kickstarter, to discuss with him the place of crowdfunding in the creative economy. Charles Adler is a businessman with 14 years of experience in the field of interactive design and information architecture and co-founder of the main American platform Kickstarter, which he calls not a company, but a social movement - a community of people who support projects and ideas that could not take place without the participation of others. The result of this movement is more than noticeable - for example, Kickstarter is responsible for 12% of films shown this year at the Sundance festival.
    At a lecture, Gary Hostive will explain the basic principles of crowdfunding, talk about various platforms, and share knowledge and skills on how to successfully communicate with your audience and step-by-step build campaigns. Using his own examples and examples of other crowdfunding campaigns, he will talk about why crowdfunding, as a means of financing creative projects, is the future around the world.

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