Interested in computer vision? Ivideon is calling you to Sri Lanka!

    The Ivideon team has done a great job over the past year. Launching applications for iOS and Android , creating a server for Mac OS X, entering foreign markets, as well as launching a decentralized CDN network with servers in the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Korea, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Thanks to this, Ivideon has become the only international video surveillance service that works equally well around the world. As a result, there were a lot of offers from manufacturers of IP cameras for integration with our cloud. Why integrate your cameras separately with the service in Europe, and then separately with the local service in the USA, when you can once support Ivideon, which is everywhere.
    We have signed a number of strategic contracts for the installation of the business version of Ivideonin the corporate network of large enterprises.
    In general, it was a great year for our company, so we decided to change the situation and give our team an opportunity to relax. Somewhere from mid-December we fly to the tropical island of Sri Lanka, where we will stay for a month. And we have two free places. Want to come with us?

    Sri Lanka

    The island state of Sri Lanka, or until 1972 better known as Ceylon, is located east of the southern tip of Hindustan and is washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. In the period from December to January, the most comfortable weather for rest is established in Sri Lanka. There is no sweltering heat and high humidity inherent in the rainy season.
    Perhaps more information about this amazing island and its inhabitants can be found on specialized resources on the Internet. I can only say that for everyone who has been there, Sri Lanka is presented in different ways. For each - his own. On the one hand, tourism is developed there, on the other hand, it is not as developed as in Thailand. Therefore, in Sri Lanka, there were still places and people who were not spoiled by our brother. Although for quite some time, Sri Lanka has been popular among surfers around the world.

    But despite the fact that there are many kilometers of wild beaches on the island where you can relax for a very long time and not meet anyone else, spending the night in coastal houses where there may not even be electricity, we are still going to very comfortable conditions.

    In addition to its own culture on the island, a lot has been brought by the Portuguese and the British. Including colonial style houses and villas. In one of these villas we plan to stay. More precisely, during our stay we will change 3 villas to visit different parts of Sri Lanka. Combine a beach holiday with travel to the ancient capital of Kandy, see the alpine plantations of Nuwara Eliya tea and visit a local nature reserve.

    Who do we want to take with us?

    As you probably already guessed from the content of the title, we really want to bring along a person for whom one of the greatest hobbies in life is computer vision.
    We expect that by the end of 2013 there will be about 2 million users of our service worldwide. And for this to happen, it is important to increase the convenience of working with it and to add analytical capabilities, which are already available in top-end expensive systems. But we want to make them much easier and more accessible for the user. Are you ready to help us with this?

    And in order to find the best candidate (or candidates), we will organize a small competition, the winner of which will go to Sri Lanka with us, and upon return will receive an offer to work in our company.

    So, before December 1, 2012, it is necessary to write an application in C / C ++ using OpenCV, which will capture video from a webcam, analyze it and provide the following features:

    - stable tracking of several objects in the frame even if they overlap or temporarily “Disappearing” behind an obstacle;

    - the ability to count objects crossing a certain zone and take into account the direction of the intersection;

    - detector of the appearance and disappearance of an object / object in the frame. I really want to move the mouse over the dirty cup on the table and find the moment in the video archive when it appeared there and who left it!

    Of course, all of these features may not be realized in such a short time. Therefore, we will look at the most complete and high-quality solution.
    And in early December, we’ll record some test videos that will test the work of all applications sent to the contest.
    I think it’s not worth saying that for the competition you can use only your own code together with OpenCV so that it does not have legal problems.
    In addition to the results of the application in terms of performance and operation errors, we will also analyze the quality of the code.

    As a result, we will publish an article on the results of the competition in early December. If there will be many worthy candidates, we will start voting.
    And after the trip, wait for a detailed story about what came of it all.

    Well and the most important thing. We are more than open for dialogue and ready to hear counter offers! For example, it seems very cool to me that on New Years unfamiliar constellations will burn above us, and the sound of the surf, exactly the same as thousands of years ago, will remind us of eternity. But if you want to participate in the competition, and the idea with Sri Lanka because of the noise from peacocks walking at night on the roof, as well as the cries of wild monkeys, does not appeal to you, we can come up with an alternative prize together!

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    UPD: Explanations of the tasks.

    Ivideon is primarily a video surveillance system. Therefore, in most cases, the role of objects will be people, cars, possibly animals. In the process of tracking, an object can change quite strongly (in terms of transformations). But from frame to frame, these changes will be such that it will be possible to identify the object. All objects are part of the real world and we assume that they cannot suddenly disappear or teleport. Of course there will be tracking errors. The main thing is that there are few of them.

    The zone is indicated at the beginning of the program. For example, a camera can be installed above the entrance to the store to count people passing by. Or the door stands out in a rectangle in order to determine whether a person enters / leaves it or simply passes by.

    For the competition, we believe that the camera is installed statically and does not change its position during operation.

    UPD2: Collected frequently asked questions in a separate topic .

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