To hell with such innovations!

    After reading another review of the smartphone, starting with the words "a clear leader in screen sizes, the diagonal of which is 4.6", I could not resist writing this post.

    I am absolutely confused by observing the current trend of new products:

    • Huge screen !!!
    • More than 320 dpi !!!
    • 4-core processor !!!
    • Separate GPU !!!
    • 12000000 pixel camera !!!
    • 4G / LTE / WiFi n-standard !!!
    • GPS / A-GPS / NFC / Bluetooth !!!
    • For only 600 euros !!!

    Where is the innovation in batteries?

    You don’t need to be a technology genius to understand how much of the battery life these innovations bring. And, especially, given the date of the last breakthrough in batteries - we use both lithium-ion and continue.

    For example, I have a Nokia Lumia 800. Before going to bed, I learned to turn on Airplane and Battery Saving modes, and my operating system is no longer relevant and will write software for it last. And last but not least, a year ago this phone was twice as expensive, which means I just donated 300 euros to Nokia or a retailer.

    And it seems interesting to buy something new, but I quickly pull myself. After all, I absolutely can’t understand why, having paid $ 600, I need to be puzzled by the daily care of the phone, think about which innovation to limit, which program to optimize battery consumption to buy, while the shares of companies are growing by leaps and bounds.

    Already, the issuance of Google at the request of "iPhone 5 battery life" is filled with articles from 7 to 20 tips for saving battery. And very caring, with the words "Guys, you are not the only ones ...".

    Perhaps a breakthrough in batteries will happen soon and manufacturers are ready for it, carefully sealing the covers of brand new devices. But we have to wait until marketers finally order engineers to work towards batteries. And I, perhaps, will wait for this real innovation, and you?

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