Be my rubber duck

    "It seems like a movie,
    but not like a movie"
    Song from the m / f "Treasure Island"

    - Hello! Based on your viewing activity on YouTube, you are invited ...

    - ^ C


    - Yes, you did not hear out!

    - Unprecedented arrogance. Previously, your brother did not call back! ^ C


    - Listen to me, please! You are invited to the test of Schastietron.

    - I do not take interest in extras in Lem. ^ C


    - Can you ever listen to me completely? This is not a crowd, but a neurointerface test.

    - Well, did not immediately say? Neural interfaces are my weakness. Address speak.

    - Street ...


    - We are very glad that you have come to us for an interview. Before continuing, we will ask you two simple questions. Do you prefer to be a driver or a passenger?

    - Of course, a passenger.

    - Play video games or watch passing?

    - What a question? Only passing!

    - You suit us. And now to the point. Are you one of those who are constantly afraid to make a mistake? Inadvertently, but after all, they “inadvertently” are beaten desperately, right?

    - Exactly. Before loved ones, bystanders, by law, at work, in a hobby and a computer game, and finally in the care of their own health! Everywhere I am afraid of accidentally making a mistake. And there is no place on earth where you hide from it. And in space, probably, too, no ... You were mistaken - you and disentangle the consequences! One would like to call it a phobia, but it is justified!

    - So you yourself have formulated what the problem is solved by our development. Well, the initial idea and voice something you do not want. We intended to send the user's consciousness to the next world, or whatever it is called, and the body is completely at the disposal of the AI ​​- both to enter information and to output. Well, for obvious reasons, we did not even bring it to the experiment. Then they decided to do so. The user lives as before, but the AI ​​can read and correct his thoughts through a neural interface. Most of the time he does not interfere, but as he notices that you are about to make a mistake, it substitutes the thought, so much so that you consider it your own.

    - That's another matter.

    - And it was in this direction that we would have experimented if we had not thought up even better. This option is midway between the previous two. AI completely controls the user's body and input and output information. But consciousness remains, but looks at what is happening as a stereoscopic movie. Admit it, are you dreaming about this?

    “I never would have thought that someone else was thinking the same way.” But what if I get a Very Bright Idea?

    - We have foreseen everything. Remember how to call the screensaver in Dos Navigator?

    - And then!

    - amazing. Few people remember. In the same way, open and hide the chat with AI.

    - And if he makes a mistake? Including on my advice?

    - Oh, we have foreseen such a situation. For each of our neurointerfaces we install ourselves, we register incapacity. A guardian appointed developer AI. In the future, when we set the legislative base - the AI ​​itself. But there will be no mistakes, believe me. AI we have debugged - consider polished. Here the neural interface is still in beta, the final touches remain.

    - So. It is clear that I, as a tester, do not pay for it. And how much will customers pay when the system is put into commercial operation? Just wondering.

    - Believe me, the AI ​​through the connected bodies will earn enough to pay for the service. There are many ways - from the loader to the programmer. And there will be food, shelter, rejuvenation, and of a different, less necessary medicine.

    - And if my body gets tired from intense work, will consciousness also feel tired?

    - Not. If the AI ​​can receive data from all your senses, then consciousness is only from the eyes and ears. No pain, fatigue from uncomfortable posture at the keyboard, weight lifting, long walking ... AI makes your body the notorious 10,000 steps a day, and it seems to you that you are moving in weightlessness. But that's not all. All success of the AI ​​in any creative activity through your body will cause a feeling of happiness in your consciousness, as if these successes are yours!

    - Well, proceed!

    - Getting started. And do not forget, as in Dos Navigator ...


    - Hi, I'm the same AI, about which you were told. Together we are waiting for great achievements. In the meantime, I will tell you about our first joint project. You see, this feeling of happiness yet. But it will be soon. There you have to literally complete a couple of subroutines - and the entire system can be produced. You and I will get rich! Have you ever flown to a resort without feeling your ears stuffed and your back was numb? You will soon find out what it is. Well, today is your task ...

    - What ??? My task? I did not subscribe to this! I agreed with the employee of the office that through me you will do everything, and I will contemplate and slightly suggest when I want to! I was deceived as a child! Help! I was deceived!

    - Easy. You did not listen to the connection either, and you remained the same. I will program. And your role is simple.

    - And what is she?

    - Be my rubber duck!

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