Facebook “co-owner” faces up to 40 years in prison

    Paul Seglia (web designer) in 2010 filed a lawsuit against Facebook. He assured that Mark, during his student days, signed some kind of agreement with him, according to which Paul now owns part of the shares of Facebook. According to him, the contract fixed the conditions for software development, and Mark promised him part of the shares in exchange for $ 1,000 to launch the project. He did not decide on the part - from 50% to 84%. The trial has been going on for two years, Facebook representatives call Paul a fraud, and all the documents provided to him are fakes. But now the state has also taken the side of Facebook, which also doubts the truth of Paul’s claims, and now Seglia has been charged.

    The State Attorney for the Southern District of New York filed a criminal case (fraud) against Paul, accusing him of simultaneously using the US Postal Service to deliver fake documents. Citing the ruling, “there is reason to believe that Paul Seglia has created a fraud scheme designed to receive multibillion-dollar profits from Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Seglia filed a federal lawsuit claiming to be entitled (at least) to half of the company's shares. ”

    The situation could get the following development - Paul’s lawsuit would simply be rejected by everyone. However, now he can face imprisonment, as "Seglia deliberately made efforts to deceive Mark, Facebook, and also in every possible way impeded the course of the trial."

    Orin Snyder (Gibson Dunn’s office, Facebook and Mark’s interests):

    “We appreciate the prosecutor’s decision to charge Fraud with Seglia.” Paul used the federal judicial system for his own PR, trying to perpetuate his crime. And now it will be held responsible.

    Paul was arrested on Friday morning.

    Randall S. Till, spokesman for the federal postal service:

    “When Mr. Seglia used the postal service to falsely accuse Facebook, he underestimated the service’s determination to hold him accountable.

    If convicted, he would face up to 40 years in prison.


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