Kyocera software - in one line

    In the picture to attract attention, in the middle row second on top is a CD player. Most likely, this is the KYOCERA DA-710 CX - the older model for those years (1983-1984) in the company's Hi-End line (there is no complete certainty, since the younger series were in approximately the same case). Then Kyocera equipped its CD players with real 16-bit digital filters, and a little later, they installed a high-precision anti-resonant ceramic chassis in them. I cited the picture as an example of the fact that the company's experience in combining digital technologies with ceramics has extremely deep roots. But an article under the cut about modern programs for office equipment.

    Returning to the topic: my idea of ​​telling about Kyocera software shortly and quickly ended in failure, due to its rather large size - three notes with pictures. Today, I’m still going to cope with the task and offer you just a list.

    All mentioned applications can be downloaded on the website in the " Support Center ", or request the possibility of use from distributors. Additional materials are easily found in the Solutions section. Given some differences in the content, in some cases it is worth visiting the European site , which has more information on some issues.

    Here is the list itself (links lead to the corresponding entries on the Habré):
    • KX driver - driver for printing devices for Windows;
    • KYOnet for clients - print status status monitor for windows tray;
    • KYOnet for Direct Printing - printing PDF documents without installing Acrobat reader directly from a pdf file;
    • Prescribe printer language - a tool in which using the programming language Prescribe from Kyocera you can perform (or automate) tasks for the printer;
    • File Management Utility (FMU) - an application for distributing files with scanned documents to the required network folders;
    • PANELPLUS is an application for customizing device operating panels (based on HyPAS) by adding new action sequences under one “button”. The creation of additional buttons takes place in the desktop application Panel Plus Designer ;
    • KYOcapture - setting up the scanning process in the form of a sequence of tasks (scan, recognize, put in a certain folder);
    • KYOnet Viewer is a monitoring and management utility for small business administrators. Desktop application;
    • KYOnet Admin is a monitoring and management tool for large enterprise administrators. Server application;
    • KYOcount - an application for collecting information from device counters and reporting;
    • KYOfleetmanager is a service for MDS business. Hosted and serviced by Kyocera itself;
    • KYOeasyprint - application for setting up document print streams (setting up print streams: on which device to print, how to process, print or store in a file, add a form to a document, etc.);
    • KYOroute - modification of print jobs depending on the type of document and conditions (send to a productive printer, to a black-and-white printer, redirect the task from a non-responding printer to another, etc.);
    • KYOnet Policy Manager - differentiation of user access to printers and printer functions separately, secure printing settings;
    • KYOcontrol or KYOcontrol Enterprise - print management in the face of increased privacy requirements, implementation of "Follow me printing"

    Table by application areas: These are far from all the applications developed by our company, but they are most often used in enterprises equipped with Kyocera equipment. Thanks for attention!

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