Ready-made solutions for English localization

    “Do a startup with an eye on the global market,” say the luminaries of venture investment. Among other things, such a startup will have to worry about the quality of messages in English, through which the application or cloud service will communicate with users.

    Illiterate English localization can devalue both the creative approach to architecture and the grace of code, which intelligent domestic programmers are famous for. Indeed, for most users, the quality of software and the level of performance of its interface are one and the same. About the application with a neat toolbar and clear messages they say: "This program is good" and forgive her for some flaws literally for beautiful eyes.

    I work in the team of developers of technical documentation Parallels Plesk Panel. This material appeared as a generalization of our experience: we took into account the mistakes of our fellow developers and at the same time read textbooks on technical communications. As a result, we have our own rules and patterns - they will help to write simple messages even to those who have an English language at the stage of development. Our material does not claim to be an exhaustive guide to all occasions, but this is the very stove from which beginners can dance.

    Clickable pictures are placed under the cut, each of which leads to a corresponding PDF suitable for printing on A4.

    The first PDF is devoted to real-life message examples and grammar rules for them, and the second shows how to format text in the GUI. The English version in this article is American, which influenced punctuation and spelling in some examples.

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