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    Hi, Habrahabr!

    Today we want to share with you a pleasant update: Eviterra has released an application for the iPhone ! Now you can keep abreast of prices and buy tickets at any place where the Internet is available. We had never developed for iOS before and the process was very exciting, however, I would like to emphasize that this is the first trial version, which can hardly be called complete. The application interface is very similar to Eviterra.com

    Eviterra iOS application

    Eviterra calendar

    : Departure and destination fields work exactly the same as on the site, except that the geolocation is more accurate, and the calendar so far allows you to select no more than two dates. The results are presented in several sections: cheap, optimal, direct and all offers. The “Filter” button allows you to select the time of day, city, duration of transplantation, etc., as on the site, and the offers themselves conveniently scroll through the screens with icons on the homescreen. When you select a flight, information about it unfolds on the whole screen for familiarization with the details. So far, to fill out the passenger and buyer forms, you will have to go to the site, which happens in the application’s built-in browser when you click the Buy button. In future versions, this process will be made as easy as possible.

    Eviterra results

    Eviterra flight details

    The application is free and available in two languages: Russian and English on iPhone 3GS and above. In the next versions, payment will be transferred to the application itself, hot offers will appear and, possibly, notifications of changes on the selected flight, as well as much more :)

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    Install the application: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/eviterra/id569307779 (or, of course, search for “eviterra” in the App Store)

    Buy tickets: eviterra.com

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