Samsung can run Ubuntu on Samsung’s Chromebook

    On Habré for several days in a row there are news about the Chromebook for $ 249. Today, this device has already appeared on the Google Play Store, and you can buy it. But of course, the OS that is installed by default, and thanks to which the device got its name, Chromebook, does not suit everyone. So, on this netbook you can run Ubuntu, this question was asked in the comments.

    Installing Ubuntu On this device, the developer was Olaf Johansson. He talks about how to do this in English here . Unfortunately, not everything is smooth. In particular, the trackpad does not work properly in Ubuntu on the specified device.

    The good news is that you can not delete Chrome OS, just burn the image of Ubuntu to an SD card, and download the “Chromebook” from this media. It is clear that the first attempts to launch a non-native OS cannot be called the most successful, but we can safely assume that soon everything will work as it should. Since there is interest in this issue and specialists who can solve the problem, everything will be fine.

    Nevertheless, work on this issue will still have to, and probably a lot.

    Via liliputing

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