Apoi on wheels

    Great news!

    Now the Apoi application is included in the standard package of the latest head unit for cars running Android OS from the company Pilot Navigator - NaviPilot Droid !


    Starting at the beginning of the year, the Apoi.ru project is gaining momentum and becoming truly popular. And now also “ Auto Mobile ”! The application of the same name is preinstalled in the basic package of programs on all NaviPilot Droid head units . If earlier it was possible to use it only on your smartphone or tablet, then now the owners of the auto-multimedia center NaviPilot Droid have this opportunity .


    This device is intended for those motorists who, instead of the modest capabilities of a standard head unit, want to get the widest functionality provided by direct access to the Internet. Now, wherever you are, you stay in touch directly from your car. Unfortunately, today we spend a lot of time in traffic jams, idle idle for many hours and wasting precious time. With this device, even if you get stuck for several hours, you will understand that life has not stopped, and even sitting in a car, you stay in touch with the outside world, business partners, friends. In addition to the widest multimedia possibilities, he will warn about traffic jams and offer to go round them. If this is no longer possible, then it will allow you to communicate both on social networks and in various mail and messenger clients.

    NaviPilot DROID provides all the features that are available in the basic functionality of the Android OS, as well as:

    • DVD drive with the ability to play DVD / CD / MP3 / MP4
    • Support for HD 720P and 1080P video playback systems
    • FM / AM Radio with memory for 30 radio stations
    • Play music from iPod / iPhone
    • The ability to receive digital TV signals DVBT / DVBT2 (optional)
    • ZONE 2 mode - “second zone” - watching DVD / TV / VIDEO on additional monitors simultaneously with the navigation program
    • Connecting a rear and front view camera with automatic activation when reverse gear is engaged (optional)
    • Programmable steering wheel button controls
    • Display on the device’s screen of the vehicle’s standard information (climate control, parking sensors, etc.)
    • Two slots for SD cards, up to 32 GB
    • 2 USB ports, support USB 2.0 and external USB HUB
    • Internet connection using GPRS / EDGE / 3G / 4G modems via USB port
    • Wireless Wi-Fi via USB adapter (included)
    • Support speech recognition and voice commands
    • The interfaces presented in the system allow expanding the functionality of the device (OBD II, tire pressure sensors, parking sensors, mobile access point, etc.)


    Our Apoi application has significantly expanded the capabilities of this wonderful car device. With it, any car owner will be able to quickly find the best companies in the desired category, taking into account the location, pave the route to the desired organization, taking into account traffic jams. And the “Reviews” section will allow you to get acquainted with the opinions of other people or share your emotions “in hot pursuit” before visiting.

    Representatives of organizations will be able, without leaving the car, add new companies, edit information about them or quickly monitor the quality of services using feedback from consumers.

    For our organization, this is the first experience of pre-installing applications in a commercially available device. We are always ready to cooperate and hope that in the future our application will appear on more devices from different manufacturers.

    At the moment, the next version of the application is being prepared, in which many new features will be added:

    • Current discounts, sales and promotions
    • Articles with reviews of various services and stores
    • News from organizations
    • Professional advice

    We are very pleased that we are making our contribution to creating the car of the future! And we believe that this is only the beginning of the trend of installing various service and entertainment applications in the car, to significantly expand its capabilities!

    You can read more about the NaviPilot Droid here .

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