Air Fuel Synthesis Prototyped Wet Air Gasoline System

    It sounds a little strange, but the system created by Air Fuel Synthesis really "knows how" to get fuel from the air. True, the air in this case should be humid. The system uses carbon dioxide and water vapor, passing these components through a series of chemical reactions. The result is really gasoline. Unfortunately, there are not many details about the operation of the system, but they still exist.

    The system itself has been working since August, this is not a concept or a theoretical project. In the installation, hydrogen is released from the air, and then this hydrogen is driven along with carbon dioxide through the catalyst. The result is methanol (CH3OH). then methanol also undergoes a series of reactions in the bioreactor (what such a bioreactor is, is not reported), and gasoline is obtained.

    Unfortunately, there are no many details about the operation of such an installation. For example, it is not known how much all this consumes energy (and as you might guess, energy consumption is considerable). Secondly, system performance is also unknown. True, it is known that since August, developers have received about 5 liters of gasoline (recall that the installation is a trial).

    Such a system, according to its creators, can be scaled, on its basis it is quite realistic to create a whole production complex with high productivity. To provide energy production, it is proposed to use alternative sources, such as wind and solar power plants.

    In general, the idea is quite interesting, but so far it is difficult to understand how realistic the introduction of such an installation is on an industrial scale. I would hope that soon the developers will report a little more information.

    Via DVICE

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