Ampe A10 Quad - Fast 4-core Chinese

    A new week, and a new device on our table is the Ampe A10 Quad, a 4-core tablet from the Chinese brothers. In connection with some events , there will be no links and discounts in the topic, thanks - you understand where . Please do not ask in the comments “Where to buy?”, I can’t answer you, and I don’t want to be responsible for what happens to those who still answer you. So, the tablet.

    • Processor the Freescale i.MX6Q c 4 cores, each running at a frequency of 1.2GHz
    • Graphics: Vivante GC2000
    • 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of user memory
    • Screen 10.1 ", with a capacitive sensor and a resolution of 1280 x 800 .
    • Communications: Wi-Fi (n), BT
    • 2 cameras: rear 2MP and front 0.3MP
    • Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3
    • 8000mAh battery

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    Packaging and equipment

    Packaging and packaging for: 6 points out of 10
    Large, impressive box: But thin enough: So thin that the power supply did not fit inside. Arrived in a separate bag. Here's the complete set: Funeral headphones for ejection (you don’t even have to open it): USB-Host cable : And a cable for connecting to a computer: Power supply: Damn, they are more and more powerful. It will be 5V / 10A in a couple of years - then it will be scary. Charging plug: One thing pleases, this plug fits most large tablets. It seems the Chinese themselves have developed a standard. Also included was a protective film (it comes straight from the factory), but I unsuccessfully pasted it and threw it away. Packaging and picking for: 7 points out of 10

    Standard equipment, everything is in place and of high quality. The box is sturdy.

    Build Quality and Appearance

    On the front side, in a white frame there is a screen with a slightly unusual aspect ratio of 16:10. Above the screen is the front camera: And on the back cover, respectively, the rear camera: And two speaker networks. There are some ritual badges and inscriptions on the back cover: On the upper side edge there are three buttons, a volume rocker and a power rocker. On the side are the connectors and interfaces: Headphones, card, HDMI, microphone, USB, power, charging LED (red - charge, green - charged). The back cover is aluminum: The side inserts are plastic, like the screen.

    I take my words back - plastic screens exist (scratched with a needle), but the test “push and look at the reflection distortion” is completely biased - the plastic screen bends less than the glass one.
    All plugs are fully inserted, do not stick out: Appearance at: 7 points out of 10 It looks beautiful, quite expensive. Assembled neatly. A couple of races creaked at the beginning, but the "squeeze" test runs well - no backlash, no squeak.


    This is an IPS screen with a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels. The viewing angles are excellent.
    A slightly non-standard resolution gives us an aspect ratio of 8: 5. Well, or 16:10, when compared with a more standard 16: 9 ratio.
    The screen resolution is more than 720p, which means that the thin vision of video files will allow them to watch movies on this screen without any problems.
    The screen PPI is 150, but such a low value does not constitute a problem: Although, a low value is compared to phones. And so, nothing at all - at the laptop level. The external panel is plastic; a protective film is included to protect it from possible scratches. Some users even say that the film was pasted in advance, it was enough to remove the protective film. Screen on: 8 points out of 10

    A good, bright screen that can be seen well even in the sun. Good viewing angles, excellent color reproduction. A little (by 2 points ;-) plastic spoils the picture, but the film will save it from scratches.

    Characteristics, speed

    The tablet is built on the latest SOC from Freescale - i.MX6Q
    The system includes 4 cores with a frequency of 1.2 GHz of the Cortex-A9 architecture and the Vivante GC2000 graphic coprocessor.
    This also does not tell me anything, so let's move on to the tests.
    AnTuTu's very high rating: Vellamo's good results: Quadrant: 10-point multi-touch: 16GB of internal memory: System information: Heh, anyway the item is called “About Phone”. Characteristics for: 8 points out of 10 It works really fast, no brakes or freezes. But a dramatic increase in speed compared to single-core processors is not noticed.

    Inside, fashion and maintainability

    So, the most delicious. It is quite difficult to open it - there are no screws or latches, only a thin slot around the back cover. To raise the top cover, you need more than one screwdriver - you must carefully, but strongly push the cover out of the plastic side. Finally, the lid is in our hands: I described it here in three photos. I took it off for half an hour, probably trying not to break the plastic. Cover of decent thickness: There are grooves in the sides of the back cover: And on the plastic counterpart - latches: General view: Oh, and what is it there? Yes, the internal memory is a card in a card reader. I have not seen this since Dropad A8. On the processor - a thermal interface in the form of thermal pads reaching the metal of the back cover:

    A couple of general plans, RAM: Processor: Card: I don’t know why, but it can certainly be replaced with another, larger volume. Touchscreen loop and vibration motor: Side buttons: Speakers and camera: WiFi and BT modules: Screen loop : Almost bare back of the board: Plugs and a second card reader: Camera module: More precisely, even two cameras: Battery with the declared capacity of 7 ampere-hours: Haha Touch panel: And the bezel of the camera is still on hotmelt: Damn. Internals at: 7 points out of 10

    Difficult to disassemble, but looks reliable. Plastic with screw holes - disposable. You turn a little harder - the thread breaks.

    Photo and video

    It looks like this: facepalm.jpg Photos and videos at: 3 points out of 10 For some reason, two camera modules, one worse than the other.

    Working hours:

    Games - a couple of hours, video - three hours. In reading mode with Wi-Fi turned on for about 6 hours. Operating time at: 6 points out of 10 Despite the fairly capacious battery, the new processor eats up all the advantages. Normal working hours.


    Very interesting tablet. Considering a price slightly above $ 200 is a good option. Fast processor and excellent screen, but the camera is not very shit.

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