Google Now on all versions of Android

    Some similarity to one of the distinctive features of Android Jelly Bean - Google Now - is available on "obsolete" devices with Android 2. *.

    Google Now is a personalized search service that gives the user information that interests him depending on a number of conditions, such as current time or his coordinates - search results, local weather in the form of beautiful cards. If you add a bot with the address to the Google Talk contact list, it will be possible to give it text commands and receive a response from the Google Now service.

    It is clear that all communication takes place in text mode, so the user will not see any decoration, only English commands are supported:

    • Score {team} : Let's you search the score of the specified team
    • Weather {city} : Tells you the current weather on defined location
    • Define {word} : Dictionary
    • Translate {word} : Translator
    • Web {query} : Google!

    An illustration of the Google Now bot in the screenshots below:

    [ XDA ]

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