Internet Explorer for Xbox

    Not so long ago, the Xbox announced a number of updates to the Xbox set-top box system. Among them were “recommendations and ratings”, “Xbox video”, “Last viewed videos, applications, games” and several others. But the addition of Internet Explorer was particularly notable. Starting yesterday, IE is available on Xbox LIVE and for Xbox LIVE Gold Members.

    The browser allows you to watch websites on the screen of your TV and includes a large number of functions, such as the ability to personalize the dashboard system by attaching your favorite websites to it, and also allows you to view HTML5 video.

    Earlier this year, the Xbox team showed off at an E3 conference"Power" of the web on the TV. Now, with the upcoming release of Windows 8 on October 26, customers will be able to use the Xbox SmartGlass tablet , thanks to which they can easily navigate the Internet using functions such as text input, scrolling, scaling, thereby providing the same user experience between TV, Windows 8 tablets and Windows Phone.

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