Smart TV Ideas and Applications Contest

    Hello everyone and have a good start to a productive week.

    We have great news for you - a new contest with cool prizes! The main theme of the contest is LG Smart TV App's - that is, applications for our “smart television” platform. Both developers and ordinary users of such systems can take part in the competition.

    The competition for developers for the best application is six prizes and a great way to make sure that the LG Smart TV platform is one of the best and one of the most convenient for both developers and users.
    The competition for people who do not have any programming skills is a competition of relevant and interesting ideas that can be implemented within the framework of Smart TV and will perfectly complement the functionality of this platform.
    Rules, details and all the most delicious - under the cut.

    Competition for Developers - “Best Application”

    The timing

    Qualifying round - from October 5, 2012 to December 20, 2012;

    Testing and selection of semi-finalists - until January 15, 2013;

    The second round (semi-final) - from January 15, 2013 to March 8, 2013;

    Determination of winners - until March 15, 2013;

    Awarding ceremony - April 5, 2013.


    Main prizes in the general category

    • First place - half a million rubles and a 55 ”LG Cinema 3D TV with Smart TV;
    • Second place - three hundred thousand rubles and 47 ”LG Cinema 3D TV with Smart TV function;
    • Third place - one hundred thousand rubles and a 42 ”LG Cinema 3D TV with Smart TV.

    Special Nominations

    • The best socially significant application - 42 ”LG Cinema 3D TV with Smart TV function;
    • The best educational app - 42 ”LG Cinema 3D TV with Smart TV;
    • The best entertainment app - 42 ”LG Cinema 3D TV with Smart TV.

    To participate in the competition, you must familiarize yourself with the full text of the rules, click on the link and register in the competition program.

    Competition for all comers - "The Best Idea"


    It's no secret to anyone that sometimes weird startup services like Instagram or Twitter suddenly become multi-million dollar companies with a huge staff and sophisticated technology. Why can’t this happen on smart TVs? Do you have a worthy idea that will easily find the way to the hearts of users, but there are no skills in development?

    Do you want to become famous as the father (or maybe mother) of some service that turned upside down the notion of “smart television”? Well, what are you waiting for ?! The idea contest is what you were looking for. The author of the best idea, according to the jury, will receive a 47 ”LG Cinema 3D TV with Smart TV function, and a“ viewer prize ”, 42” LG Cinema 3D TV will go to someone whose idea will find the maximum number of responses on the site.

    As in the case of the application contest, we read the rules, follow the link, register and submit a worthy idea for the contest. On the main competition website you can find all this, as well as any other necessary information:

    There is a limited amount of time, though not a little, so don’t put off the decision until tomorrow, register, take part and win prizes from LG.

    Thank you all and see you soon on the pages of our blog, we will try to keep you updated on the news!

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