Apple will pay Swiss railway workers for the right to use the watch icon in iOS 6

    Three weeks ago there was a post on the Habré "stole Apple's" clock "in iOS 6 at the Swiss Railways" . Its essence is that the watch icon on iOS 6 exactly copies the watches of the Swiss railways (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen, SBB). If Apple hadn’t been so zealous in defending the rights to its own technologies and patents (including very controversial ones), no one would have probably paid attention to it. But the Cupertin company’s patent trolling was already fed up with many, and a serious scandal erupted (warmed up, of course, by Apple competitors).

    Representatives of the Swiss railway company sued Apple almost immediately after the situation became widely known. Actually, they did it right, since the watch itself, the design of which was created by an SBB employee in 1944, has long been associated with many people not only with the Swiss railways, but also with this country.

    In general, Apple had to conclude an agreement with the Swiss. The essence of the contract is simple: the Cupertinians get the right to legally use the watch design in iOS6, and the Swiss receive deductions from Apple. Unfortunately, the size of these deductions remains unknown. But, most likely, you will have to pay a lot.

    By the way, earlier the manufacturer of watches Mondaine Watch Ltd. received the right to use the watch design, and this company was also one of Apple's opponents in this situation.

    Via Bloomberg

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