Can neural networks help copy the brain?

    It is a pity only - you don’t have to live in this wonderful time - neither to me, nor to you. N. Nekrasov.

    They say that the brain can be simulated on a computer, neural networks are a model of the brain, you can copy a person’s consciousness.

    Actually, this is not at all true. Unfortunately, in the brain, signals are transmitted electrochemically. Each neuron contains from a thousand to hundreds of thousands of connections. Thousands of communications are destroyed during the day, and new ones are formed.

    But that's not all! By themselves, electrical impulses only induce a neuron to a specific reaction.
    The fact that the electro chemical method of transmitting information indicates that the transmission of information using a special chemical reactions in the brain. The mechanism is described in sufficient detail in this post..

    In general, we add that there are up to 100 billion neurons in the brain, and we get such a combination of options that it is impossible to model this system at this stage of human development.

    Firstly, due to the dynamics of the restructuring of neural connections in the brain, there is no such three-dimensional scanner yet.

    Secondly, due to hardware limitations.

    I want to believe that Google will be able to simulate the brain. But I just think that we will not have to live to the moment when we copy our consciousness and continue living.

    I will end with a quote from an interview with Doctor of Biological Sciences Sergey Savelyev.

    - All this, of course, is interesting, Sergey Vyacheslavovich. But I came here with another question: I am interested in the possibility of transferring consciousness to other carriers.
    - Oh, oh? You should not have gone here, but to Kanatchikov’s cottage.
    I burst out laughing. I like these scientists positively. Ruthless as a samurai!
    - We’ll wait a bit with the cottage. I am generally an opponent of summer cottages. I’m like a thinker for you ...
    - Yes, it’s insanity, like neurocomputers! People who talk about the transfer of consciousness do not even have basic ideas about the structure of the brain!
    I strongly protested:
    - The brain is a material structure. So, it can be copied, modeled. If we have a car that runs on electricity ...
    - This physiologists brain works on electricity! - Savelyev tapped the ashtray with his pipe, like knuckles on a dull head. - They have not been intellectually since ankylosing spondylitis. Electrical signals are sent to the muscles, and meaningful information is transmitted to the brain electrochemically, through synapses. Foolish engineers are trying to simulate the work of the brain on the computer with the help of electrical signals and primitive processors! This is even funny. Wretched and in architecture and logic. The brain has one property. Each neuron with ten thousand to one million connections to neighboring cells destroys and builds new ones every day. And this means that to simulate the human brain, we need to create a computer in which there would be 150 billion processors, And inside each processor to plant in Chinese with a soldering iron - solder the contacts. This cannot be done programmatically.

    (With hope) Or is Savelyev wrong? What are some scientific papers that talk about precise biological modeling of the brain?

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