Psychiatrist about the prohibitions of Youtube, Wifi for children, blocking sites

    When my friend psychiatrist A.G. Danilina is overwhelmed by a professional sense of stupidity of this world, he asks to make a video where he shares his thoughts with the audience. I think the conversation was quite interesting.

    “I understand that this is another voice crying in the desert, but since we are celebrating Mental Health Day on October 10, I really want, as a professional with great experience, to inform those who want to watch this video that the policy of total bans is not able to bring society and man to a state of mental health.

    In our country, there is some kind of familiar perverse view of things: if some problem bothers us, then we just need to ban it and forget about it. Although in fact nothing good came of this. Moreover, we lived in a totalitarian society built on prohibitions, and it would seem that we should have been well aware of this.
    In no case do I object to the law on protecting children from information harmful to their developmental health. The trouble is the following - in order to pass such a law, we must first adopt a single law on information that benefits the child. We must say, dear parents, there is a huge amount of information that benefits the child. This information can be taken there, there and there. And now that you know where to get it, we can safely ban malicious sites on the Internet and much more too.

    If we do not do this, then in fact we are trying to leave the child or teenager all the more without information at all, because theoretically, knowing the psychological demagoguery very well, your humble servant can show any information as harmful or as useful. In order to prohibit, for example, children, as they are now trying to make access to wifi in public places, actually prohibit any mobile connection - first, something must happen in these public places so that the child is interested and that he does not need this wifi communication in public places. Otherwise, we run into abuse over and over again.

    In our country, no one, I’m not even talking about those in power, I’m talking about the overwhelming majority of our population, in our country it’s impossible to explain to anyone that “bad” American cinema cannot be defeated. For the simple reason that they are watching it, it causes interest, it is done professionally. It is impossible to defeat American cinema with a ban. Since it seems to everyone, according to the jokes published in the press: thanks to the numbers placed in the corner of the screen, the children understand what they need to watch. It starts from

    16+ ... You can defeat American cinema, and even malicious sites on the Internet, in only one way - by creating your own movie that will be watched by at least a number of young people and, by the way, the Soviet Union did it very well.

    Defeating harmful sites on the network is possible only by creating useful and interesting ones. Since modern information space cannot be made sterile. It’s impossible, why do we need time on our own? ..

    I don’t even imagine how many drug addicts and suicides will appear on the streets if grandiose social networks or some kind of Youtube are thoughtlessly closed due to some delusional reason. Since these are areas in which young people, it’s silly, but ridiculous, try to realize their own creative potential, and if they do it stupidly, it means WE damn them did not teach! ..

    It seems that RosPotrebNadzor, the Ministry of Communications or someone else, drafting laws, repeals the laws of teenage psychology. Doesn't anyone, or a teacher with a higher education, know that the main reaction of adolescence is to listen to what an adult says and do the opposite. So why are we provoking a whole generation?
    I am just a doctor who communicates quite a lot with young people. Honestly, probably, since the beginning of the 90s, I have not heard so much talk about emigration. It seems that the generation under 30 has only one thought - to leave this country to hell. What do we call mental health? ... "

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