Anti-piracy robot in paranoia

    Copyright holders are sending more and more requests to Google to remove "pirated content" from search results, in accordance with the DMCA law. Google obediently fulfills requests, but after that publishes information about the removed URLs. Thus, the efforts of copyright holders replenish the database of unlicensed content .

    Most of all removal requests are sent to Google on behalf of Microsoft - every day thousands of addresses come where pirated versions of Windows 8, Visual Studio or Office 2013 are located. Over the past year, 4,826,032 URLs with Microsoft pirated products have been removed from the Google index (on average , 13186 per day).

    Recently, an automatic filter against piracy fighters has given a specific glitch. To delete list, sent by LeakID at the request of Microsoft, included Wikipedia, TechCrunch, BBC, CNN, various scientific journals, and even several sites of the US government. Allegedly, they have a "pirate" of Windows 8.

    Fortunately, Google was ready for such a development of events: there is a "white list" of sites for which the automatic removal of DMCA does not work. So these documents remained in the search results.

    Another thing is interesting: how did the anti-piracy robot suspect the following links in the illegal distribution of a pirated copy of Windows 8? 2012/07/26 / gJQAX3GjAX_story.html,0,6636990.story's_Civil_War

    At first glance, they have nothing in common. But, if you look closely, there is something: this number is 45. It also appears in the mentioned Wikipedia articles: The Civil War in Ancient Rome ended in 45 BC, and the Glock pistol fires .45 caliber bullets.

    Of course, the number 45 is not a reason to delete these documents from Google’s search results. Just proof of filter buggy.

    This is still not the funniest glitch: in 15 queries on behalf of Microsoft from the Google search engine they require to remove links to, that is, to Microsoft’s own search engine. Several third-party companies are

    searching for pirated content commissioned by Microsoft., including Marketly, DtecNet (MarkMonitor) and LeakID, they have 3.26 million deleted URLs, 1.34 million and 270 thousand, respectively. By the way, the founders of Marketly are former Microsoft employees.

    via TorrentFreak

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