Emotional captcha: what do you feel at the moment?

    An unusual approach to protecting against bots is offered by the organization of human rights defenders from Sweden Civil Rights Defenders , which thus tries to kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand, to spread facts of violation of human rights on the Internet, and on the other, to help protect web services from robots, not making living people wonder what exactly is written on the captcha.

    The captcha form looks like this (the example is completely random ):

    A person is invited to read the question, understand what emotions the stated fact evokes in him, and enter one of the three proposed mental states that, in theory, should arise in him, and which should be consistent with the idea of ​​the authors.

    All interested webmasters are invited to download the library in PHP for "emo-captcha" here (2.4 Kb) and install it on the site with the following snippet:

    $crccaptcha = new civilrightscaptcha();

    A live example can be found here . Thus, with a certain amount of irony, you can notice that the audience of sites equipped with this captcha will be much more tolerant than the rest.

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