New service from REG.RU - domain monitoring

    Do you want to know what is happening with any domain - be aware of which DNS are registered, has the administrator changed? Or are you a business owner who wants to receive news on time, not only about all domain registrations that match the company’s trademark, but also to receive notifications about the imminent release of the domain you are looking for?

    Thanks to the new service from REG.RU, it is easy to get answers to these and other questions.
    Domain monitoring allows you to track the status of any domain of interest by the selected parameters:
    - change the domain administrator;
    - change of DNS servers;
    - expiration of the domain registration period;
    - change of registration date;
    - domain release;
    - change of domain IP addresses (domain hosting);
    - change the status of the web server on the domain.


    In addition, you can track not only a single domain, but also a group of domain names using the domain mask (only for .RU / .РФ / .SU domains). Domain masks allow you to select several similar domains for monitoring at once. For example, the mask "domain *" will correspond to domains starting with "domain". The maximum number of domains corresponding to one mask is 500. This feature is convenient for companies who want to protect their brand from online scammers.

    When you configure domain monitoring according to your needs, when you change one of the monitored parameters, the user will receive an e-mail containing a report on the current situation and the changes made.

    In the process of implementing this service, REG.RU specialists collected and analyzed information on Whois data formats for all domain zones in the world. In particular, a collection of regular expressions was created to extract information from Whois about the domain administrator, his contact information, and the date the domain was released. This allowed us to implement and configure an alert system related to changes in this data.

    You can take advantage of the work of the company's specialists here .

    The service is paid: the cost of monitoring 1 domain will be 5 rubles per month, monitoring 1 mask - 750 rubles per month. At the same time, REG.RU partners and Privilege Club cardholders have significant discounts: 30% and 15%, respectively. Monitoring each monitored domain is a separate service - the list of domains is easy to manage, removing uninteresting and adding new domains.

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