Intel history pages. Photo chronicle and quiz

    So, this historic day has arrived. Today, July 18, Intel has turned exactly 50 years old. We continue the series of articles “Intel History Pages” dedicated to this significant event - on the occasion of the holiday, let's look at archive photos showing significant moments in the life of the company.

    At the end of the post - a small thematic quiz. Answer 6 questions correctly and get a prize from Intel!

    A collective photo of the first 106 Intel employees, including co-founders Robert Noyce (front left) and Gordon Moore (front right), as well as the first hired employee Andy Grove (second row, far right). It was such a composition in 1969 that Intel began work at Mountain View, Middlefield Road, 365E. “There are more places than we need,” said Gordon Moore in an interview with a local newspaper. However, it was enough for a while.

    Gordon Moore (with a shovel) and Robert Noyce (right) at the ceremony marking the start of building a new Intel central office in Santa Clara, California. April 21, 1970

    Intel's newly built office in Santa Clara, photo from the early 70s. It was the company's first own office - previously Intel rented premises in Mountain View. At the site of the building there used to be a pear orchard, part of it was preserved during construction and employees could feast on pears literally in the workplace.

    The first version of the “rabbit suit” for clean rooms at Intel’s factories, developed in 1973. The rabbit costume later became one of the unofficial symbols of Intel.

    Desktop calculator Busicom 141-PF. In 1970, Intel sold the rights to its first microprocessor 4004 to the Japanese company Busicom, which needed a processor for a new line of programmable calculators. Later, Intel bought the rights to 4004 for $ 60,000.

    Rinkles dog, produced in the 1980s by Canadian company Ganz. The “intellect” of the Rinkles was the controller 80C31BH from the MCS-51 family. The Intel MCS-51 was everywhere at that time, from aircraft to plush toys. The dog had a memory of 32 KB, had a vocabulary of 150 words and could play more than 2800 combinations of sounds.

    The name for the Intel Pentium processor that appeared in 1992 was suggested by the company's employees who took part in the competition for the best name option. Among other offers were, for example, 586NOT! or Iamfastests. Pentium comes from the Greek Penta - five. 18 people who offered similar options received $ 200 each.

    And now - the promised quiz.

    UPDATE. We already have a winner, who want to participate for their own pleasure - please contact us.

    Question 1. How much did Intel pay for the motel network in 1968 for the rights to Intel?
    1. $ 500
    2. $ 5,000
    3. $ 15,000
    4. $ 50,000

    Question 2. What did Intel's then-CEO Andy Grove allow you to install for the comfort of employees on the Intel campus in 1988?
    1. Shower
    2. Basketball rings
    3. Vending machines
    4. Cafeteria

    Question 3. In what year did Intel hire its 1000th employee?
    1. 1969
    2. 1972
    3. 1980
    4. 1985

    Question 4. What was the Intel processor inside the first IBM PC?
    1. 8088
    2. 8008
    3. Pentium
    4. 4004

    Question 5. In what year did Intel leave the DRAM market and focus on processors?
    1. 1980
    2. 1985
    3. 1990
    4. 1995

    Question 6. Who of the OEMs first released the computer with Intel Inside in 2006?
    1. HP
    2. Lenovo
    3. Dell
    4. Apple

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