Exhibition of Information and Communication Technologies - SOFTOOL'2010

    Softool 2010
    According to my personal expectations, this event was supposed to have a more serious scope, after all, the annual exhibition of software throughout our vast nano-technological country. Alas! There was very little new software. There were interesting stands, but the products presented at them were either new versions of already familiar software, or clones of the existing one.

    Softool 2010The audience of the exhibition was mainly developers, students, schoolchildren, teachers and all those who wanted to find some free test-free software. To put it mildly, the supply did not meet demand.

    The brightest and largest booth, of course, was occupied by 1C. Yellow balloons with its logos greeted visitors at the entrance to the pavilion. Everywhere there were people in yellow sweatshirts handing out yellow bags with yellow avenues inside. At a huge stand, there were about fifty PCs, where visitors were offered to get acquainted with new versions of long-known products. Not surprisingly, the tone of the entire exhibition was also set by 1C.

    Software for accounting and enterprise management was generally presented by many companies and was found literally at every step. It makes no sense to list all, I will say one thing: companies that did not offer such software were in the minority. Among the development of such companies were CAD systems, cloud software, remote administration systems, flight pilot simulator, hardware key security systems and others. Traditionally, various thematic publications were present.

    Softool 2010We were pleased with the stands of various CMS - content management systems. The development of programmatic thought is evident. “1C-Bitrix” introduced a new improved version of the administrative part interface, an updated core, a whole set of boxed solutions, the Marketplace working in full force, a web antivirus, video chatting in the corporate portal, even deeper integration with “1C” and much, much another. UMI.CMS offered to get acquainted with the UMI.CLOUD SaaS platform and organized interesting contests and reports. Amiro.CMS introduced a new version of a long-familiar product. SiteEdit also delighted with numerous changes.
    It should be noted that the vector of development of CMS-developments, along with the whole exhibition, is also directed towards the development of corporate solutions.

    A few words about the effectiveness and attendance of the exhibition. In my opinion, the audience of Softool-2010 was mainly set up only to get acquainted with new products, and not to purchase them at all, and the number of visitors was not at all enthusiastic. In general, over the past 4 days of the exhibition, our company received half as many contacts as at the 3-day exhibition RIW 2010

    , which was held the week before that. In general, the hopes are not justified. Beautiful, and only.

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