Using dreams to test a project

    I have test cases at night. At the entrance to sleep, you set the parameters and get a video sequence of possible events along with the reaction of the system to these events. In the morning, check the adequacy of what you saw and make adjustments to the layout.

    Unlike standard testing methods, dreams allow you to play ridiculous and unimaginable situations. This is a dream! And you can easily dream of a user who is trying to register on your site while zombies are chasing him!

    Is your site convenient for registration in a zombie apocalypse?

    Fantastic options can be discarded and watch as Hollywood blockbusters without shifting to work. And other dreams can give situations closer to the reality of your users:

    • The user tries to place an order when every five seconds he receives an angry SMS from his wife.
    • The user forgot his username and password along with the phone, name, last night and the meaning of life.
    • The user is registered on the site during sex (I love my job;)
    • The user visits the site using the device "Refrigerator".
    • And other surprises.

    In the simplest case, dreams will simply give you a testing situation that, when awake, cannot be documented. In more advanced versions, dreams provide criticality ratings and solutions. “Nightmares” can show the most unfavorable developments.

    Can you even imagine for a second what can happen if all the buttons on your site disappear?

    What is required to test a project with dreams?

    1. You need to understand the system architecture at an intuitive level. So that the subconscious can simulate a reaction to unexpected events.
    2. It is necessary to clearly set the problem to be solved before going to bed. The indicated problem should really bother. If in addition to work, your head is filled with thoughts about the upcoming vacation, then the dream will be mixed.
    3. In the sleep settings, you must specify ... MDE ... Of course, there are no such settings. And this is the most difficult condition for using dreams in testing a project. “Complex”, but not “impossible”!

    I hope I enjoyed you with the topic of the article. Everything is written on the verge of a joke, but I assure you - this joke has been repeatedly tested in practice.

    Good luck and sweet dreams;)

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