11 friends of society: interviews with authors of civilian applications

    The greenhouse of social technologies talked with 11 authors and developers of civilian applications using the power of the World Wide Web to solve important public problems.

    1) Russian justice - the largest catalog of lawyers, lawyers, judges in Russia and a database of judicial decisions. Over 16 million records aggregated from open data sites. Gleb Suvorov, co-founder of the project, talks about what can be achieved in the first 100 days of the project’s existence on the Web. [Read interview , watch video ]

    2) “ Nepofigizm»Is a community that provides free online legal services. The priority of the project is targeted assistance to a specific person with a specific legal problem. The head of "Nepofigizma" Vladimir Belyaev spoke about why his project will never be commercial. [Read interview ]

    3) NextGIS CEO Maxim Dubinin talked about how geo-information systems can be useful for business, non-profit organizations and ordinary users; how the “Electoral Map of Moscow” and “Lesnadzor” projects were implemented, as well as what hinders the development of virtual cartography in Russia. [Read interview ]

    4) One of the creators of the GoodWillion charity auction of meetings»Denis Kondratovich about how an idea that began with the VKontakte album was transformed into a business that saves lives. [Read interview , watch video ]

    5) Mobile geolocation reference book “ Sotscard ”. Social Card developer Roman Garin talked about how the information vacuum around social services provided by the state prompted him to create a “mass demand product”. With the help of "Sotscard" you can easily find the addresses of emergency services and government agencies located closest to your home. [Read interview ]

    6) Director of the Sibir Press Development Institute Viktor Yukachev spoke about the Tak-Tak-Tak human rights network”, Where users can get expert advice on legal issues, and journalists can find interesting material for investigations. [ Read interview ]

    7) Housing and communal services hacker is a resource on housing issues. The project manager Tatyana Koycheva spoke about the inexhaustibility of the topic and the importance of informing people about how to deal with “communal services”. [Read the interview ]

    8) The aggregator of complaints and public appeals “ To-to-anyone ” allows you to create statements and automatically send them to the Internet reception of the relevant departments. The creator of the service, Alexei Bogdanov, spoke about “alternative” ways of communication with government agencies. [ Read the interview ].

    9) The author of the project is Alexey Melnichek about the charity project “ Your Minute to Good ”, which appeared as part of the Fiztekh course and developed to a platform that converts the marketing budgets of companies into charity funds using “clicks” of users. [Read interview , watch video ]

    10) Dmitry Kokh, the head of the “ Angry Citizen ” project, talked about how to “make a Mercedes among problem-solving services”. The portal is dedicated to improving the urban environment and offers users algorithms for solving various problems (for example, potholes on asphalt or noisy neighbors). [Read interview ]

    11) Director of the first thank you store in Russia»Julia Titova on how the project works thanks to the giant community on social networks. A charity store is a place where you can bring things to be sold, and all the money will be transferred to funds or targeted support for those who need help. [Read interview ]

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