Hot workplace (Hot desking)


    There was an entrepreneur and he bought IP-PBX. And he began to enjoy life, and his business to flourish. But he had a case. It took him that the employees worked at one workplace in shifts, that the settings should not be changed, and that the statistics would not break. The entrepreneur has become infatuated ...

    - Worse evening is wiser! - exclaimed Toad and threw his PBX out the window.

    Are you talking about?

    Hot desking is a technology that allows several employees to work at the same physical workplace alternately. In our case, talking about telephony and our server communications IP PBX Zeon. We call this technology “Hot Workplace”.

    How it works?

    Each employee has an internal number. This is the number that is in the company directory. Which everyone knows. And that everyone calls.

    On the combined workplace is a phone - a pig. From him you can not call anywhere. From it you can only log in.

    The user, entering the service, enters a special service code, captures his internal number (and the system requires him to confirm his right pin-code). The pig turns into the employee's phone.

    From this point on, all calls from this phone will be identified as the employee’s phone. When calling, his native number will be displayed. All settings specified for this number will be valid. Statistics will show that this employee called. All filters for this employee will work. No one will even notice.

    And when evening comes, the phone will again turn into a pumpkin into a pig. The next day, a new employee will take his place. Authorized And the phone will already serve the new owner, glorifying his name.

    Side Effect # 1

    Using this technology it is possible to carry out staff rotation. We call it “Floating jobs.” When employees can move from one workplace to another, while virtually carrying their phone with them.

    I went an important employee, with an audit at a distant warehouse. Sat down at the first available workplace. He reassigned the phone to himself and sits working as if he never left anywhere. No redirects to mobile. Time for explanations is not wasted - “It's me, Vasya, I just call from the warehouse!”. In the evening, when “Vasya” returns to the office, he will have the entire list of his calls. And his boss will be pleased, “Vasya” should not be looked for, “Vasya” can be called by his usual short number.

    Side Effect # 2

    When an employee is authorized, a time stamp is added to the statistics. This time can be used to calculate the time at the workplace. If you add care time here (before leaving the employee will need to perform a small ritual). And add time to pause. That picture will be pretty interesting.

    Side Effect # 3

    And like a cherry on the cake. At the end of the month you can see which employee worked in which shift. They say that nothing is more reassuring than to see the “checkuses” of your work schedule, for which you are entitled to a salary.

    Who needs it?

    First of all, these are companies where employees work in shifts. Where accounting of working hours is required. Where you need to share the statistics of each, to assess the contribution to the common cause. And secondly, it can be convenient, modern and youth. Do not believe, ask “Vasya”.

    How to set it up?

    In our PBX is simple.

    1. Under the administrator, go to the user profile. We find the section "PBX". Add one or more extensions.
    2. Find the section “Hot workplace”. Add a secret PIN code, and select the time in his shift.
    3. Go to the “Connection Point”. Create a group “Hot-desking”. We add pigs (for example 900, 901, 902).

    It remains only to make the settings of the blanks in the phone and it is ready to work.
    Voila Nothing ordinary, just magic.


    Another top conquered. In the world of telecom it’s hard to come up with something new. But we are trying. All thanks to you, our beloved customers. Good to you in business.

    Your best, modest operator

    And where does the Toad?

    Yes, just got a cool photo, look what she is pretty.

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