Video from UralJS # 8 mitap - working with raw data in the browser and writing skills for Alice


    On July 5, the eighth UralJS mitap was held. A hundred Ural developers gathered to listen to light summer reports - less theory, more demos and live coding.

    Performed by guys from Yandex and Contour. That's what they told:

    Alexander Sushko - Do not dilute the dampness

    Sasha came to Kontur for internship a year ago and has already managed to prepare three different reports. Each performance is based on a failure story, from which he draws a useful lesson.

    This time, Sasha needed to download the PDF file to the user's computer. The task is trivial: you generate the necessary link, and then it is up to the server. But it turned out that the project files are collected on the client from the raw data that the API returns. Sasha completed the task, but in his opinion, such an approach is incorrect. Therefore, he decided to find out why FileAPI actually exists in the standard and tell about it.


    Roman Paradeev - Alice, what can you do?

    In May, Yandex launched the Dialogs service. He lets Alice learn new tricks — order pizza, play in cities, and tell jokes. Roma told how it works, and wrote his own dialogue from scratch - now you can ask Alice when the nearest UralJS is :)

    Alice Skill for UralJS

    Guys, sorry for the bad sound. We did not cope with the settings of the microphones, but we already found the reason. We will not face this problem again.

    UralJS # 9

    We will close the summer season in a non-standard format. Details later, for now we accept applications for reports: .

    See you in August :)

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