Early answer - exchange rates, weather and traffic jams at the tips

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The purpose of a search engine is to understand what the user needs and help solve a specific problem as quickly as possible.

Recently, we said that in the framework of the Intent Search program Yandex learned to answer some questions right away in the prompts. And today we want to share the news that now not only well-known facts know the tips, but also relevant information about exchange rates, weather and traffic jams in your city.

Currency rates are shown on the latest data from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation .

Weather tips to learn from our service Yandeks.Pogoda and traffic jams - at Yandex.Maps (these facts, of course, are displayed based on your region).

Now you don’t even have to type the request to the end to find out the necessary information, not to mention downloading search results or clicking on individual sites. This feature is especially valuable in mobile search.

Search team.

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