"Fashionable" ads in contextual advertising

Every day the contextual advertising market is replenished with new players. In Yandex.Direct you can see up to 100 advertisers, or even more, by highly competitive requests.

There are several rules that should be followed in order to focus the potential client’s attention on your ad and get a click from the user. This article will talk about this.

A lot has been written about the selection of key phrases, their integration into groups. The first thing you have to face after is writing text ads. We’ll take a look at all of the ways you can get your ad attention in order.

1. Highlight request

When writing ads, it is important to use key phrases, preferably in the headline and text. Search engines highlight the search terms in bold in the search results (SERP). The same rule applies to contextual advertising. Highlighting the request attracts the attention of users and indicates the relevance of the ad.
Yandex special placement on a white background, Google on a beige.

2. Unique selling proposition (USP)

All ads will offer the user the product or service they need. Your task is to highlight your proposal among all competitors.
The text should indicate its advantages. This can be high interest on deposits, free and fast delivery, prices, gifts, promotions. You must specify what the user will receive if he clicks on your offer.
Use Call to Action in the text. These may be the words buy, order, see, register. It all depends on your advertising goals.

If we work not only in a certain region, then it is worth creating a campaign / announcement for each region. For example, the office is located in Moscow, and delivery is carried out throughout Russia. A user from Saratov should see an ad targeted to Saratov and indicating in the text of an advertisement about delivery to Saratov. These actions will lead to an increase in CTR, and as a result of conversions on the site.

3. Display URL

Another feature that attracts attention is the display URL in the ad. This trick will be clearly seen in the example for Adwords.

Words in the URL are also highlighted if they are contained in the request.
Yandex does not much advertise this opportunity, but if you write to your manager, then he must change. In Adwrods, this feature is not hidden and may contain Russian letters.
It is worth recalling the relevance of the landing page to the user's search query. If he enters "Buy a refrigerator", then your ad should lead to the landing page with refrigerators, not with TVs. This situation is very common.

4. Additional links

The use of website links or sitelinks in ads allows you to make an ad more attractive and convey to the client the information that interests him. If he is looking for refrigerators, then in the website links it will be more appropriate to indicate the name of brands, varieties of models, sizes, price categories. You can also specify additional services, delivery conditions, etc.

In Yandex.Direct, websites are shown only in the first place of the special placement, and in Adwords, SERPs are issued above and below the SERP, regardless of the first or third place.
Using website links will increase the clickability of ads, according to Yandex, up to 40%.

5. Address

There are some more features of Yandex.Direct and Adwords, which are very rarely used by advertisers. You can increase the size of your ad in ad placements.
The standard ad has 3 lines in Yandex.Direct and 3 lines in Adwords. This is how they look without “hanging with buns”.

Indication of the address in the ad makes it possible to display the name of the city, metro station, street, house under the text ad. phone numbers. Ads with the indicated addresses appear on Google and Yandex maps. Google displays a link to view the map in the search results. All this leads to an increase in the space occupied by the announcement, which entails attracting more attention, there are differences from the uniform advertisements of competitors.

This is how the announcement will look if you click on Show map of Kavkazsky Boulevard, building 57, p. 1

6. Google+ on Adwrods

If your company has a Google+ page, you can embed the likes in the ad text and link to the page. This will allow you to be more loyal to your ads, increasing the level of trust. The space occupied by the ad is also increasing. It looks like this.

Use all the capabilities of contextual systems to attract customers, stay tuned and you will be happy.

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