MOD Live - experience in use

    Hello! Winter is just around the corner and, in anticipation of the new ski season, I want to talk about personal impressions in using (in the last winter season) the gadget described on the hub almost a year ago.

    Author's note: This is my first post, I tried to execute it in the style of others seen on the hub I will be, dear readers, extremely grateful for the comments and comments on the format + editing tips. I promise to fix it :)

    So, this is MOD Live (differs from the usual MOD in convenient communication with most smartphones, bluetooth cameras, etc.).
    For those who are lazy to look for a past topic, this is, roughly speaking, an interactive display designed for ski masks. He marks the speed of movement, how long the last jump lasted, etc. (details below).

    In the corner of the display all useful, customizable information is displayed - hours, location, temperature, total distance, length / height / time of the jump, saves statistics and then shares the records (both with the owner and, if desired, with everyone, through sending on FB). But the main thing is not this, the main thing is a convenient opportunity to record video without using other devices (well, except, of course, the camera itself, which is bundled with it - Contour + and Contour GPS hands-free HD (it is bought separately). And by connecting Mod Live to the smartphone using Bluetooth 2.0, the glasses become, in some way, an external display of the device.You can use navigation, make and reject calls (an earphone is inserted into the ear, a microphone is built in), reply to SMS messages (though without dialing text, while sending template,
    Well, I’m generally silent about music - I think everyone understands that it plays tracks from the phone without any problems.

    Technical stuffing

    MOD Live is powered by an ARM Cortex –A8 processor (600 MHz). The device has its own 512 MB internal memory (. RAM is 256 MB RAM (this is enough). It seems to be stable in temperature, but I didn’t use it at -35, I confess it was afraid (my “maximum” is -25). Protection is decent level - the display is inserted and fixed into the frame, the viewfinder is near the glass itself, so even with the mask falling and tearing, nothing should happen to the person or device. I don’t even mention moisture resistance and vibration protection - if there weren’t, the whole unit would be useless.

    Although the battery capacity is claimed to be 1200 mAh, it rarely works for more than 5 hours, and if you turn on “Internet + GPS + video recording, etc.” - in three hours already die. Although, I admit, only once, for the sake of the test, I checked it - usually GPS works and I shoot videos on the strength of 2-5 minutes (if you don’t travel abroad, the average length of the mountain is 1 km, you travel for 50-60 seconds, do not take a lot: )), and in this option “4 hours of work” - “hour of recharging” (when I “eat” glasses too) comfortably enough.
    A WQVGA display with a resolution of 428X240 (“not enough” you say), but out of habit and so distracting (you have to not only record records, but not beat people) - that's why it is just right.
    With all this, the gadget remains almost weightless (weight 65 grams, most of which is battery).

    PS Manufacturers periodically update the firmware, which the unit will carefully inform as soon as it connects to the Internet, and next year it is planned to upgrade to use Wi-Fi (in this country it is not very important, but abroad - yes) and some more minor improvements.

    Ease of Use MOD Live

    Now the question I asked myself all the way until I put on my glasses myself: but will this “virtual screen with an eleven-inch diagonal” not interfere with the review? In the beginning, it will be very, because the look constantly jumps over the running numbers to please the brain with a new achievement, but get used to it quickly: by the second day you don’t have to force yourself to open your eyes, and after a couple of days off you’ll only be looking at special moments, yes, switch tracks :)

    UPD: All controls are performed using the buttons on the remote control, which is displayed on the side of the glasses:
    These buttons control everything - change displays, answer calls, switch songs, send data to the Internet and the navigator. It’s not always “intuitive”, but in 2-3 days of practice, almost all the functions you need are well remembered.

    GPS accuracy is very high - it determines the location of a person with an accuracy of 2-5 meters. Thus, you don’t have to worry that the device will deceive you with location or records (in general, if I didn’t look like an astronaut, I would drive glasses with glasses, the navigator is clearly more capable than my DigiWalker).
    Another huge plus of using MOD Live is that you can find the way to any place of interest, determine the route you need by name or find something new and interesting. MOD Live can be very useful if, for example, you get lost and your fellow enthusiast gets lost. All can be tracked and safely reunited.
    New applications are constantly being developed for MOD Live, using the new features of the gadget. For example, you can connect not only a smartphone to MOD Live, but also an HD camera or a heart rate monitor. Again, this is all done very simply using Bluetooth technology.

    A little more about the interface

    If desired, the user of MOD Live will be able to independently adjust the angle at which he will see the display, but I did not bother with this - quite noticeably and "by default." A particularly difficult task was the detailed study of 590 resorts in fourteen countries of the world (this country inclusive). But now you can go skiing, where only darling will please - you won’t get lost, if this, of course, is not the wilds of Siberia.
    The developers themselves recommend using MOD Live complete with Briko ski goggles. They are very light, have a completely normal design (as far as skiing glasses can afford), they are comfortable and they do not fog up. We can say that the combination of Briko and MOD Live can be considered a reference in this area, although no one bothers to put the gadget on others.
    Actually, the operating system in MOD Live provides for the presence of only three menu items: Buddy Tracking (you can find friends and let them find themselves), Viewer (displays information about recent trips), and, finally, music.

    Using the HQ application, recently adapted by developers for MOD Live, it became possible to share information about their achievements with friends using Facebook and Twitter (there would be more support for “VKontakte” - it would be expanse for our people too).

    Cost MOD Live

    It’s clear that the developers, among other things, presented ready-made sets to the wide audience, which, in addition to MOD Live itself, include one of the four “patented” versions of ski goggles: Alpina, Briko, Uvex, Zeal. Of course, there is no question of any "affordable prices" here, in the USA, for example, Uvex G.GL9 glasses with MOD Live will cost $ 539, and Zeal Z3 optics equipped with a new gadget - $ 549.
    Our man can get a MOD Live gadget not so much in many online stores, mainly from abroad to bring, BUT - Yandex to help, you can also find MOD Live by the prodevices tag in our country (in Russia it can be more expensive, but without troubles).

    In principle, skiing has always been one of the most expensive sports, and the advent of MOD Live and similar innovations does not make it cheaper. However, a huge number of various functions and settings of the gadget actually opens up the widest opportunities for the owner, not only for "nose" metrics with friends and for capturing videos and your own records. In foreign resorts this is doubly useful thing. And the children are delighted with her :)

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