"Heroes of mat and fur" ported to javascript

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    “Heroes of the matmath” or “Surrender the session and stay alive”. The action-packed step-by-step simulator of a student at the St. Petersburg State University mattech was ported from the depths of centuries (98) to Javascript and is accessible directly from the browser. This quest will be of interest to students of related engineering professions. Excerpt from the documentation for the original: The porting process is dedicated to the porting process . I’ll separately note the following comment: “The author tried to use the decompiler, but did not find one for dos applications (the hexrace sends to the address), so I assembled it on my knee myself. Searching for ifs there is a finite state machine on topological sorting of the acyclic subgraph of a codeflow graph, for example. ” Official mmheroes website
    «Эта программа - некоторый синтез всех тех эмоций, что получил автор, пытаясь (с грехом пополам) выйти на сессию в конце второго семестра первого курса на мат-мехе. Правда, при этом автор находился в более выгодном положении, чем Вы - центральный персонаж этой игры, которому предстоит получить зачёты по 6-ти предметам практически с нуля.»

    The original game was made at Borland Pascal by Dmitry Petrov ( imagediam-2003 ), and ported it to the imageSharpC web .

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