Social rating

    One of the main attributes of social networks is the social rating (karma, status) of the user. It usually defines the rights and obligations of the user on this resource. These rules quite significantly affect the behavior of a person, changing his moral orientation.

    The Black Mirror series, launched since 2011 by Netflix, consists of independent series, each of which symbolically shows the influence of information technologies on human relations. In the third season, the first series is called “Nosedive” (“Pique”) and describes the world of the future, where every person has a social rating.


    In numerical terms, this is a real number from 0 to 5. People wear electronic contact lenses that allow them to immediately see the rating of the person they are looking at. A person’s social rating influences everything - from discounts in shops to employment and areas in which to live. Rating mainly depends on likes - other people passing by can put you using a smartphone from 1 to 5 stars, and this reduces or increases your rating. The higher the betting rating, the more your decrease / grow.

    The heroine of the film Lacy, a pleasant girl of 30 years old, works as a simple manager. Her rating is 4.2, she is satisfied with life, she is positive, she trains at home in front of the mirror to smile sweetly and laugh charmingly. In his circle, he almost always puts all five stars for nothing, getting the same from them.

    Once at work, she meets a colleague Chester, who sees unexpectedly dropped to 3.1 rating. Chester offers her a smoothie. Lacy takes it. After a minute, she sees that she is downgraded. She is frightened, and another colleague explains to her that Chester broke up with his gay partner, and for this the entire department declared him a boycott. The next day, Chester's rating falls below 2.5, he cannot enter the building and asks passing by about the “stars” outside.

    After work, Lacy goes to look at the apartment - she is moving away from the old one and found beautiful apartments in a good area, but the price is too high. The realtor says that if she has a rating of 4.5, she will receive a 20% discount.

    Lacy decides to settle in this condo at any cost. She consults with a rating specialist, and he says that for an explosive jump, it is necessary that people with high ratings — quality people — should “like” her.

    She tries to curry favor with high-ranking people at work, but it causes the opposite effect. Suddenly, her classmate Naomi, whom she had not seen for many years, contacts her. Naomi has a rating of 4.8, she is spinning in high society, and in a few days she is getting married. Naomi on a sentimental wave invites her to be a bridesmaid.

    In her youth, Naomi scoffed at Lassie and slept with her boyfriend, but that does not stop the latter — hundreds of guests with a rating of 4.7 and above — primes — are invited to the wedding, and the bridesmaid should have a speech. Lacy intends to raise a rating above 4.5 on her speech and settle in a new apartment.

    On the day of departure for the wedding, Lacy swears with her brother, who does not like hypocrisy and her lifestyle, and whose rating, as she put it, is three point fuck. Injected she leaves the house and faces a woman who lowers her rating because of this below 4.2.

    At the airport, it turns out that her flight has been canceled, and the only place on another flight is for people with a rating of at least 4.2. Lacy emotionally explodes a little, and the guard who comes up announces to her that given his power as a punishment he lowers her rating by one for 24 hours.

    She rents a car - according to her rating she is given an old model, a supercharger at the nearest gas station does not suit her. Lacy is trying to vote on the road, but passing by seeing her rating does not stop, and even lower it.

    As a result, she is picked up by Susan with a rating of 1.4 on the truck. She tells, that once was 4.6. Her husband was diagnosed with cancer, she found a very expensive clinic, knocked out a place, but instead of her husband with a rating of 4.3, another person with a rating of 4.4 was put in that place. After that, Susan began to tell people what she was thinking, and quickly descended the social scale and lost her former friends. But it feels great.

    When Lacy was already at the entrance, Naomi calls her and forbids to come, citing the fact that a person with a rating of 2.8 is not needed at the wedding - guests will not understand. Lacey says he'll come anyway.

    Lacy gets to the place where the wedding takes place, with adventures, smearing in the dirt and drinking for the courage of whiskey. Having made her way to the ceremony in a roundabout way, she gives a speech to smart guests, after which her rating falls below one, and the guards twist it and hand it in to the police.

    In the area with her lens removed and put in a chamber with a glass wall. Opposite the black man sits in a business suit. They begin to talk, and for the first time in their lives they sincerely, easily, cheerfully and intricately send each other.

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