Quick invite friends to Facebook-a group

This post was posted on Facebook Api because the Facebook hub is not available. For which I apologize!
Recently, the question arose about inviting friends to facebook-a. It would seem nothing complicated, but not when more than 1000 friends. Since I don’t really sit in FB and VK, I certainly don’t know how to immediately mark everyone on the list. To mark manually, of course, is not an option, because the expenditure of time, effort and nerves are not worth the result. Here the idea was born to do this with a small script. This script automatically marks all the friends in the list and sends invites, with a minimum of action on our part.
Who faced such a need, welcome to cat.

How it works:
1. go to the FB group we need
2. in the "Invite Friends" section, click "View All"
3. open the browser console: Chrome and Mozila (Ctrl + Shift + j)
4. insert this code:

5. Нажимаем Enter
Вот и все, инвайты разосланы, мы довольны и у нас куча свободного времени!

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