Qt Notes Podcast s02e01

    We Vass recorded and released the first series of the second season of the podcast "Notes on Qt».

    The podcast itself on rpod.ru - qt-notes.rpod.ru/284337.html
    Now with the competition!

    Screen links for RPi:
    www.chalk-elec.com/?page_id=1283#ecwid : category = 3094861 & mode = product & product = 14647624

    Deadline - month from the date of publication of the podcast (i.e., until October 19, 2012).
    All questions on the assignment (yes, we know that it is not clear and there will be a lot of questions) write in the comments on rpod.
    Send all solutions to the email qt.notes.ru@gmail.com.

    As prizes, we have prepared 2 Nokia N9 in the following categories:
    1. The first solution sent that meets the conditions and works correctly
    2. The solution we liked the most

    PS The podcast was written before the announcement of the end of the transaction about transferring Qt to Digia, but nevertheless it happened ! Hooray, comrades!

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