Design Patterns (Head First Design Patterns)


    This is not new. The book was released over a year ago. Nevertheless, we want to draw your attention to it. There are one-day books. There is a classic. And there are books that will become classics or, at least, will live long. It just needs time to pass. The book should be infused like a good cognac. This book has been published for 4 years in 1.5 years. And it continues to sell well. I hope you enjoy it too.

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    In the world, someone is constantly faced with the same programming problems that you have. Many developers solve completely identical problems and find similar solutions. If you do not want to reinvent the wheel, use ready-made design patterns (patterns) that this book is devoted to working with. Patterns appeared because many developers were looking for ways to increase the flexibility and degree of reuse of their programs. The solutions found are embodied in a concise and easily practicable form. The peculiarity of this publication is a unique way of presenting material, highlighting the O'Reilly series of “Head First” among a number of boring books on programming. The book will be interesting to a wide range of web developers, from beginners to professionals,


    My initial attitude to this book was very skeptical. For some reason, the Head First series was associated with a series like “Learn something in 24 hours,” but it changed a lot when I looked at the number of positive reviews of this book on various sites, including the notorious stackoverflow. There, in general, this book is among the ten most famous and popular books and is considered the most preferred source for exploring the theme of design patterns. At the same time, no one belittles the merits of the “gang of four,” but many admit that from the point of view of teaching this topic, the book of Erich Gamma and the company is not the best option due to the excessive dryness of the presentation.

    I got acquainted with the contents of the Russian-language version by only a dozen pages available on the publisher’s website, but I have a very positive impression of the work of Russian translators. As for the contents of the book, even a cursory acquaintance is enough to understand the reason for such a huge number of positive reviews. The book feels a fundamentally different approach to the presentation of the material: if a gang of four is more of a reference, then this book is a textbook in which the reader is given tasks that are solved, first of all, from the point of view of the PLO canons, and only then are pulled on this decision patterns. In addition, the book simply has a huge number of drawings, most of which are very funny, and funny in the good sense of the word; they help convey the intentions of the authors rather than distract and annoy,

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