Piter GraphQL: Wrike Mitap Videos

    On January 24, the first GraphQL meeting in St. Petersburg was held in the Wrike office. To understand the viability of the HYIP technology, we firstly summarized the results of our research in this topic, and secondly, we invited Pavel Chertorogov, an open-source meyntteyner, who has been developing isomorphic applications since the end of 2015. In the summer of 2016, Pavel began the development of graphql-compose in the open source.

    For those who could not come, we will publish video reports.

    Dmitry Mamonov, Wrike - GraphQL and Web Application Architecture

    What is common between GraphQL and SQL, how GraphQL changes the architecture of Web applications, what are the fundamental problems in current implementations of the GraphQL concept itself.

    Pavel Chertorogov, Independent Developer - GraphQL Schemes Design and Design Patterns

    What is the most convenient way to design GraphQL for front-end vendors? GraphQL diagram can turn your head in pain and a bunch of additional code for developers. Therefore, the more convenient the scheme, the faster, easier and with fewer errors will be developed.

    Alexey Zolotykh, Wrike - GraphQL - New Redux

    GraphQL is another standard for server requests. So many people think. In his report, Lesha will try to prove that GraphQL is also a qualitative leap in the development of the frontend as a whole. And the world will never be the same.

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