Password recovery and primary storage in the cloud, or What's new in Zimbra 8.8.9

    Just the other day, Zimbra Collaboration Suite has been updated to version 8.8.9. In addition to minor bug fixes and improvements related to the stability of the Zimbra, the new release contains a lot of really significant improvements and new features. The most significant change compared with the previous release was the addition of the beta version of the Access Recovery system, which gives an opportunity for a forgotten user to access mail without having to contact the administrator.

    In order for everything to work, the user needs to specify and confirm a backup email box. Now, if a user forgets his password, he will be able to click on the “Forgot Password” link and receive an eight-digit digital access code to the backup mail, thanks to which he will be able to independently access his mailbox.


    You can enable a new function on the server using the zmprov mc% ClassOfService% zimbraFeatureResetPasswordStatus enabled command for a specific user category or zmprov ma zimbraFeatureResetPasswordStatus enabled for individual accounts.

    Hypothetically, you can enable a new function for the whole domain using the commandzmprov md zimbraFeatureResetPasswordStatus enabled , but so far this feature does not work correctly.

    Also, the password recovery option can be disabled or suspended by replacing the Enabled argument with a disabled or suspended .


    Supported and fine-tuning options to restore access to your account. So, for example, with the help of a number of commands, you can set the duration of the access code, as well as the maximum number of access recovery attempts.

    • zimbraResetPasswordRecoveryCodeExpiry - Access Recovery Code Expiration Time (Default is 10 minutes)
    • zimbraRecoveryAccountCodeValidity - The expiration time for the backup mail confirmation code (the default is 24 hours)
    • zimbraPasswordRecoveryMaxAttempts - Maximum number of attempts to restore account access (Default 10)
    • zimbraFeatureResetPasswordSuspensionTime - The time for which the account access recovery function is suspended (Default is 24 hours)

    Since this function is currently in beta testing mode, at the moment it is not fully implemented. In fact, it allows the user to independently, safely and, most importantly, quickly access their own e-mail. The password change procedure still requires the use of an administrator. Already in the next update, Zimbra users will receive a full-featured forgotten password recovery service.


    Among other innovations in version 8.8.9 - automatic configuration when synchronizing with devices running on iOS. Now the Zimbra server administrator has the ability to make sure that the CalDAV, CardDav, IMAP and SMTP settings are automatically picked up when syncing custom iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is also finally possible to host not only secondary, but also primary storage in a number of supported cloud services, including S3-compatible.

    In addition, the developers have improved the compatibility of Zimbra with MS Outlook, as well as added support for NextCloud and ownCloud services in Zimbra Drive.

    The new version is available for download on the official website of Zimbra .

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