Internship Diary: Day 1. From intern to junior


    Greetings to all novice developers and readers of this article! At the moment , July 15, 2018 (article published 16). From that day I decided to start publishing articles about my internship, which began today.

    Perhaps someone will motivate it. In this cycle, I am going to talk about how I am doing my internship, what I am doing, and how I am trying to go all the way from an intern to junior java developer, that is, find a job. If you are interested in the details about the company in which I have an internship, and how I got there, you can ask questions in a personal. Enjoy reading!

    Something about me

    My first acquaintance with writing real programs started at the age of 14 . I'm 15 now . I went to programming courses in which we studied the basics of programming, the Git version control system, object-oriented programming, java core, algorithms and data structures, databases, SQL language, C, some design patterns, swing & JavaFX. In addition to the courses I have knowledge of HTML & CSS, Bootstrap. I understand the work of the HTTP protocol and study computer networks .


    The internship began at 11 am. We met with the curator of the internship. She spoke about the internship format itself. We were asked to choose a module on which we would like to work. Everyone chose a module for their profile. I chose to develop backend on java, but there was an option to choose work on a mobile application for Android. Now we need to wait for the tasks themselves to appear and we will divide into groups with the participants. Among the interns are people who also want to write code in Python, C #, Ruby, JavaScript.

    The project we are working on is called Clucky.. This is a new service for answering questions (if you are familiar with answers, you will understand). The project will be open source and posted on github. For the publication of tasks for the project have chosen the platform Trello. A little later, in other articles I will provide a link to open access. For online communication, we chose Telegram messenger, it is quite convenient to discuss the project itself.

    What will happen on the internship?

    First of all, there will be practice. In addition to the practice of our knowledge on the project, we will try ourselves as software architects, interface designers and analysts.

    Internship program for lessons (internship duration 2 months):

    July 15. Getting started on the project. We learn about the roles above. We work on the project until July 22.

    July 22 Familiarity with the TK. We continue to work.

    July 29. Learn about the principles of SOLID , KISS , YAGNI . We work on the project.

    5th of August. We work with web services.

    12th of August. Learning software testing.

    August 19. We are preparing for the interview. We make a resume.

    August, 26th. Review code.

    September 2 The results of the internship.

    At the end of the internship, someone will work on the project, someone will leave. In addition to those lessons, classes on design patterns, the basics of TDD , and work with the database are expected .

    What do I expect from the internship?

    First of all, from the internship, I want to get a little team development experience. Perhaps try to learn something and practice with the project. For example, the same Spring.
    Secondly , learn to apply this knowledge.
    Third , get an insight into the work of the developer.
    Fourth , reach the junior level.
    Fifth , get the project in the portfolio.

    End of article

    I hope someone like it. In the next article I will publish information from several days. Rather, with a period of 5 days. Perhaps 10. For to publish articles for every day - to clog up Habr and gb do not want. All the best to all!

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